Woman Finds Razor In Her Breakfast At Dunkin’ Donuts

A young woman made the unfortunate mistake of ordering a breakfast croissant from her local Dunkin’ Donuts in Windham, Connecticut when she found a shard from a box cutter buried in her food. 



 Priscilla Salas reported that when she bit into it, she felt something sharp cut her mouth. It turned out that a “sharpy, cutty kind of feeling” was coming from some metal shards, some of which were “up to a quarter long.” 

The real question is what looks worse; that piece of a box cutter or that croissant.  Seriously, that breakfast mess looks awful.  Between chewing a razor in my mouth and swallowing any piece of that bread…I dunno, man.  Between watching someone chew a razor and eating that sandwich, I’d choose watching someone eat a razor.  Good Lord, that sandwich looks gross.  I can’t stop staring at it.


[[contentId: 2550940| | style: height:225px; width:380px]]


Salas has said that the donut chain has since apologized and will be sending her, wait for it, a GIFT CARD.  Wow, thanks Dunkin’! That card better have a million dollar settlement on it, because the last thing anyone should do is actually go back to the place where you almost had metal shards stabbing the inside of your throat, let alone had a shard cut the inside of your mouth before you spit it out.  But then again, if you’re a fan of super gross looking breakfast croissants, medal shards are probably second on your interest list.

TODD SPENCE (twitter)