There’s A Face In This Can Of Tuna

Do you eat a lot of tuna?  It’s a decent source of protein, pretty versatile and cheap, too.  If you ever find yourself strapped for cash and in need of keeping yourself alive, tuna and pasta and maybe a can of peas or two can be pretty filling and dirt cheap.  However, you may find it hard to stomach your tuna if you open the can and find this literally looking back at you.

Look at that adorable face!  Yes, it’s basically a Pokemon snuggled up warm and salty in his tuna hole.  When a housewife eager to make some tuna casserole popped open a can of Prince’s tuna chunks in water, she found this little fella and maybe had a small freakout before calling in the Ghostbusters or whoever it is you call when you find a face in your tuna.

As it happens, this little goblin is not a tuna, and also not a monster.  It’s a megalopa, a tiny little immature crab that tuna like to eat.  In this case, a tiny little crab that a tuna brought with him to the tuna processing plant.

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The little crab poses no health risk, according to people who don’t want to be sued, but the company has contacted the lady who found him to discuss compensation because when you put a tiny head in someone’s tuna, you better believe they’re going to expect money for it.  No one puts up with crap like that.

Not to be outdone, not so long ago a woman looking to spice up dinner but a jar of curry sauce and ended up with a whole, delicious mouse inside.

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And of course who could forget the delicious can of Diet Pepsi with a frog in it!  The man who drank it said it had a thick, slimy taste.  Mmm, good.

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