Woman Finds Deadly Black Widow Spider In Grapes From Walmart, Calls 911

A woman in Michigan got a little bit more meat in her grapes than she was expecting. Ariel Jackson says she purchased a package of grapes from the Walmart Supercenter in Troy, Michigan and found something in them not so super; a venomous Black Widow Spider.

Jackson had bought the package of grapes for a barbecue party at her sister’s house when she took them home and began to wash them. That’s when she let out a blood curdling scream as she saw the spider. Just like in a horror movie, her boyfriend, Michael Frank and others in the house told her to chill out; it was probably just a normal spider or something else. Unfortunately Scarlett Johansson was not found in this lady’s grapes.


Thankfully on closer inspection Jackson and Frank were able to identify the potentially deadly spider by the red hour glass shape spot on its belly. At first they tried calling the fire department and animal control to see what to do about disposing of the creature, but unfortunately both were closed at the time. Faced with the spider menace she called 911 saying;

“This isn’t really an emergency, but I have a black widow spider. And he’s like, ‘Just kill it,’ and I’m like, ‘Me? You want me to kill it?’”

So they tried to kill it with bug spray, continually spraying it until eventually it died. Not sure what happened to using a good rolled up magazine, but I guess they didn’t want to get Black Widow poison guts all over the house.

Luckily nobody was hurt as Black Widows have a neurotoxin that can cause pain in the bite area before spreading to the chest, and rest of the body.  After the spider spraying ordeal, Jackson called the Walmart to complain about the incident and let them know they might have a batch of grapes with frickin’ Black Widows hiding in them. She says an employee at the store told her that to get a refund, bring the package of grapes WITH the spider inside along with her receipt. She told them something to the effect of “oh hell no” and decided to let the whole thing go; although she would still like an apology from Walmart.

What is the worst spider bite you have ever had?

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Source: Yahoo