Badass Woman Fights Off Attacker, Humiliates Him By Forcing Him To Get Naked

A Colombian thug who tried to rob a woman at knifepoint found himself at her mercy when she managed to turn the tables. In the viral video above, the would-be victim can be seen holding the robber by the hair and ordering him to strip off his clothes.

“Hurry, hurry! Take it off, quickly! You’re pissing me off,” the woman screams at the robber, subduing him with a painful grip on his hair. When the thief protests, the woman slaps him and hurls obscenities until he finally relents.

The robber eventually removes his jacket, which the woman throws onto the curb before yanking off his shirt. He then slowly takes off his socks, shoes and shorts but appears extremely reluctant to remove his underwear.

A crowd begins to gather around the spectacle as the woman mocks the robber, who has begun to beg for forgiveness to avoid the embarrassment of running naked through the streets. Unfortunately for him, the woman does not back down and he decides to bare it all and get naked.

When he finally removes his last article of clothing, the woman sends him into the street with a flurry of kicks and punches. The crowd erupts into raucous applause, pleased to see a crime thwarted and criminal humiliated.