Woman Doesn’t Smile Or Laugh For 40 Years To Not Get Wrinkles

A 50 year old woman named Tess Christian claims that she has not laughed or smiled in the last 40 years in an effort to avoid wrinkles on her face.

While the idea that avoiding smiling will somehow prevent wrinkles may seem like an old wives tale, some dermatologists actually agree that it might actually work. So if you are really concerned about your looks and really OCD, this might be a lot cheaper than Botox. Here is Tess at age 20:

Even the bad hair of the 1980’s wouldn’t make her crack a smile.

And here she is at age 50:

Well the good news is you don’t have any wrinkles. The bad news is you have lived a very sad, miserable life. While dermatologists might be on board with the no smiling to prevent wrinkles, phycologists say that facial expressions such as smiling are directly related to our mental wellbeing. If you smile, the brain can be tricked into thinking you are happy; and if you never smile you can become depressed.

Tess says she has trained herself to control her facial muscles to avoid accidently smiling. How has that worked out for the last 40 years? I’d imagine watching a whacky comedy with her would be like listening to a person with their mouth wired shut try to laugh.

This reminds me of the guy who claims to be a “Breatharian”- someone who does not need to drink liquid or eat food. This Breatharian was caught eating a cheeseburger.

Has “not eaten” in 30 years.

While her skin and complexion are pretty good for a woman of 50, I have to question the authenticity to the claim that she has NEVER smiled or laughed in the last 40 years.

Look at the video of this kitten and try not to smile! Even the most cold hearted and angry of us who are completely dead inside will be forced to at least smile at this cat video.

[[contentId: 2513536| | size: 75]]

Tess says; “Yes, I am vain and want to remain youthful. My strategy is more natural than Botox and more effective than any expensive beauty cream or facial.”

She didn’t smile even for the birth of her child.

I wonder if when she is 80 and wrinkled, yet has not smiled for 60 years if she will feel the same way.

Now look at this puppy and smile.

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