This Florida Woman Didn’t Realize She’d Been Shot…4 Days Ago

By now we’re all a little nervous of Florida.  Maybe the media has conspired to make it look weirder than it really is, we certainly have.  We cherry pick Florida stories like it’s going out of style, but there really is a definite and noticeable trend for unusual events to make the news in Florida specifically.  Is it the weather?  Disney World?  Swamp gas?  Hard to say for sure, but it seems like something nutty is up way down South.  This story is no different.

On the fourth of July heather Charlebois was just enjoying the day at a café when she got hit in the leg by something.  Her initial thought?  An open hand slap or pinch from a real jackass.  But no one was nearby, and she was bleeding.  So she went to the bathroom, washed it, and it was fine.  So, thought the second was that maybe an errant firecracker had gone off somewhere and zinged her right in the calf.  No big deal, back to living life the Florida way.

Four days later when Heather’s leg still hurt, she decided to check in with a doctor who gave her an x-ray.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised to discover it hadn’t been a firecracker at all, it was a .38-caliber slug in her leg.

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If you’re not all up to date on your bullet sizes, take a look at what a 38 special looks like in this rudimentary little size chart and try to imagine that flying into your leg while you’re enjoying a smoothie and a cookie out on the patio.  Police are working on the idea that, since no one was obviously sitting next to her shooting at her it was likely a bullet shot from a good distance away into the air that came down on her leg.  And if that sounds crazy, consider that celebratory gunfire on the 4th of July os so common, CNN wrote a piece on it requesting people stop doing it due to the sheer number of injuries that it causes each and every year.  And those are the lucky people since a number of victims die when bullets it them directly in the head.

The CNN piece cites an article from Abu Dhabi where celebratory gunfire is such a part of the culture people will unload an AK-47 off the balcony just because someone they like is on TV.  No one seems sure how it became an acceptable part of human exuberance but we like to think cowboy movies played a big part in it.  Everyone shoots their gun into the air in those.  Problem is the bullets have to land somewhere and there’s a decent chance you’ll end up injuring or killing someone miles away.

So from now on, when you’re excited about something, maybe just use noisemakers or balloons or something.  Just a thought.