Woman Leaves Surgery After Doctor Accidentally Drops His Cellphone Inside Of Her


Accidentally dropping your cell phone in a toilet, muddy puddle, or urinal can really suck. However, there can be worse things to accidentally drop your phone in – like an actual human being. Apparently, that happened to a doctor in Jordan. But what’s worse is how the female patient found it.

Hanan Mahmoud Abdul went into the hospital for a routine caesarean section, but left the hospital with more than a bouncing baby boy. She left with a cell phone stuck in her abdomen. Allegedly, the doctor performing the C-section dropped his cell phone into her and just sewed her up without noticing. It wasn’t until Abdul got home that something was wrong. She was in some serious pain and her family noticed something in her abdomen vibrating. She was rushed to the hospital and was quickly X-rayed when the foreign object in her abdomen was finally noticed. They operated on her immediately and took the phone out.

Because of the incident, Jordanian parliament member Salim Al Bataynah is demanding that the government resign saying “The parliament should show responsibility and be on the level of the case.” In regards to the whole situation, Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman Hatem Al Azrae says that Hanan’s story was “baseless and fabricated.” This is just a big mess.

It’s kind of hard to believe that a doctor wouldn’t notice a phone dropping into a person’s body cavity during surgery – especially with how big phones are these days. And after the operation, did the doctor (whose name hasn’t been released) notice something was missing? These days, when people lose their phones, they freak the hell out. Nonetheless, I’m just impressed that the phone got a good signal while inside of her.

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source: Mirror