Woman Desperate To Find A Boyfriend Puts Her Face On 1000 Coffee Cups

Dating these days can be tough. Hell, it’s downright awful. After a while, it’s hard to not just drag yourself through the entire date really expecting the worst out of someone. And when meeting strangers in public couldn’t get any worse, online dating made things just a tad easier. But unfortunately, it’s not the answer for everyone.  So what then?

Lynne Adams, a 37-year-old finance worker in England seems to have come up with a creative way to get some attention; by placing an illustration of her face onto 1000 paper coffee cups and placing them at a local coffee houses. The Bauristas seem to be helping Lynne’s quest too.

The only remaining question is how much does she look like the illustration in real life? With online dating, a profile picture can be really deceiving, so an illustration has to be way worse. A drawing of someone’s face can be way worse than photoshop for pete’s sakes.

Luckily, here’s an image of Lynne holding the cup for a nice side by side comparison for you to compare.

Okay, I can see it.

It was probably smart for her to not put her image on a bunch of beer steins, because that could get real messy. Apparently Adams is really into having first dates at coffee shops so this seemed to be a perfect fit for her. Although personally I find it to be a little bit too desperate, teetering over the edge of endearing.

Now the question is will she be able to find anyone through this effort? There are a lot of fish in the sea and 1000 cups ain’t much comparitively. So far, Adams hasn’t had much luck yet, so if you’re reading this and are feeling the spark, head to her Match.com profile HERE. Her interests include “museums/exhibits, music, cooking, playing sports, travel/sightseeing, the outdoors, dining out, film”. Weird, coffee is not listed as one.

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source: Daily Mirror