Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis Not Once But Twice

A woman in China likes her revenge to be permanent and will slice and dice as many times as she needs to make it so. That’s because a 32 year old father of five from Henan province, Fan Lung, (that’s the man’s name, not Lung Fan- a medical device used to blow air on a lung) was caught sending messages on his wife’s phone to his 21 year old mistress and in retaliation the wife, Feng Lung, cut his penis off- twice. Maybe the first penis chop was for the cheating and the second penis chop was for using her phone without permission. Never use a woman’s phone without asking!

Damn, was this “The Bride” From Kill Bill? After 2nd Penis Whack, Naked Outside Hospital

In order to give his little Fan the old Slap Chop, his wife waited until he was sleeping before taking a pair of scissors to his member and giving it the Lorena Bobbit (thumbs up for old school reference.) The manhoodless man was rushed to the hospital and he was thankful that surgeons where able to reattach his penis.  Here’s where this story gets weird!

Get to the choppa! Fan with his 21 year old mistress as he is recovering from lack of penis… again.

As Fan was recovering in his hospital room Feng snuck in and cut his penis off AGAIN. This time she tossed his man meat out the window. This guy really needs to start sleeping with one eye open. The man, now a few ounces lighter, naked and bloody he chased his wife out of the hospital where he confronted her, blood streaming down his legs before staff intervened. A spokesperson for the hospital said:

“He is now in a stable condition but is extremely emotionally distraught.”

Fan’s mistress still plans on marrying him even though he “lost his fertility.” She reasons that he already has five children.  Sadly his detachable penis  was not recovered and hospital officials fear it may have been taken by a stray animal. Hopefully for Fan Lung Third time is not charm… he’s only got a nub!

Source: Elite Daily

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