Woman Cries Crystals In Freakiest Medical Condition You Will See Today

For the weirdest and freakiest thing you will probably read about today, we go to Linx, Brazil. That is where a 35 year old woman named Laura Ponce has suffered from an incredibly bizarre condition; she cries crystals. Normally ladies cry when you give them some crystal, this is the first time tears have actually summoned crystals.

For the past twenty years, starting when Ponce was 15 she has experienced random periods where her eyes will produce up to 30 pieces of “crystal” a day causing the nursery school teacher to miss work. She spends her days, sometimes weeks at a time pulling out the white substance. She says at first the material is soft but as it moves closer to her eyes it hardens, becoming very painful. These are some crystals she definitely doesn’t want to make jewelry out of.

Really wishing she pooped actual gold instead.

The first time this happened her and her family was horrified. Her mother took her to the emergency room where doctors were equally baffled by the condition. She visited hordes of physician’s but nobody was able to pinpoint the cause of the membranes popping out of her eyes.

She says;

“A clot starts to swell then I have to open my eye to take out the membrane. When it dries it hardens, it gets really hard, it hurts a lot.”

And you thought pink eye was bad.

Now, Ponce may be crying tears of joy. After enduring 20 years of this unwanted gift she found a doctor who thinks he knows what is causing the crystals. Dr Raul Goncalves, an ophthalmologist at Hospital de Olhos de Bauru says that her eyes are producing too much of the protein keratin. When the keratin mixes with other ingredients in tears like fat, mucin and water react to solidify and produce the “crystals.” Forget what people do to each other, it is terrifying what the human body can do to itself!

Dr. Concalves is now giving Laura Ponce silver nitrate eye drops to help combat this process and it seems to be working. I hope for her sake that the drops don’t react to give her some kind of unwanted “superpower.”

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Source: Daily Mail UK