Woman Charged With Assault For Squirting Breast Milk On Police Officer

Erica Leeder, a 26 year-old woman from Western Australia was denied bail after she was charged with assaulting a police officer… with her own breast milk.

Got Milk?

The lactating lady was receiving a search and pat down from a female cop at the Rockingham police station after she was arrested for an unidentified crime.

This is not the lady cop from Down Under.

While topless during the search, the calcium delivering criminal grabbed her own boob and squeezed breast milk all over the police woman’s face, arms and clothing. Hopefully the lady cop wasn’t lactose intolerant.

Pro Tip: Don’t Google “breast milk squirt” –use this image instead.

While you may think it’s a bit harsh to charge someone with “assaulting an officer” for a little bit of breast milk, authorities are calling it “assault” because of the possibility that diseases could be transferred through breast milk.

The most horrifying thing about this story is that if she is lactating, she is more than likely a recent mother.. ugh.  Humans. Luckily for whatever offspring she may have and for the rest of us in general, she will be locked up for the rest of the week.

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Source: Time