Widow Forced To Bring Husband’s Ashes To Cancel Phone Contract

Anyone who carries a cell phone knows first hand the ruthlessness that phone companies can reach to get their money. If they could, they would hire collection agency ninjas to rappel into your apartment and force you to pay your bill at Shuriken-point. A British woman couldn’t convince T-Mobile that her husband had died and could no longer pay the bill so she had to bring his ashes into the store to get them to take the hint. 


Maria Raybloud tried to cancel her late husband’s T-Mobile contract but the cell phone giant just wouldn’t let her do it, even though the person using the cell phone no longer needed it because he’s friggin’ dead. She said that she kept getting bills, collection notices and even court ordered threats to pay up or…well, we’re not sure what they could do to a dead guy or maybe we just don’t want to know. Frankly, being stuck in a T-Mobile contract is horrific enough. 

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“Can you hear us now? Good. F*#$ off!” 


Raybloud brought death certificates, funeral bills and even a letter from the crematorium that cremated her husband to try and convince T-Mobile that they lost a customer. Finally, she just brought in the physical remains of her late husband and when they still wouldn’t cancel the contract, she had a mental breakdown in the middle of the store. A manager assured her that they would cancel her husband’s contract but she still keeps getting collection notices and even text messages asking if her husband wants to upgrade his contract. We’re pretty sure that the bill is asking for her late husband’s soul because that’s the only thing left he could use as collateral.