Woman Brags How She Gets Pregnant Via Pro Athletes, Then Uses Child Support To Buy Gucci

The Internet is a dirty place. If you look hard enough you can buy yourself a nice gallon of codeine, or you could spend a week watching cat videos; it’s one or the other. Do you want drugs or do you want cats? You could also kill some time on social media, but social media is where #FakeNews gets spread – and as far as these tweets and messages, I can’t tell whether they’re real or not.

Let me explain: an unnamed Twitter user, who goes by the username @ToxicTherapist, recently bragged about how she got knocked up by an NFL athlete and  now uses his child support payments to buy designer bags and clothing…

…and while a bunch of the tweets have been deleted, not all of them got the axe fast enough:

The images that made the biggest splash were supposedly texts between herself and the NFL player she was essentially fleecing:

But to be honest: I’m not sure these are real. Sure there are shitty women out there who get pregnant for the money, but that number is so insanely low that the likelihood of one of those women also being dumb enough to share the whole thing on Twitter has gotta rank in at like .0003% chances.

The ones who do it though? Can’t blame them – 5 minutes of sex for a 2018 Infiniti? Sign me up. The only catch is the fucking kid that comes attached at the uterus, but if those ads about starving kids in Africa taught me anything, I’ll be able to feed him for .05 cents a day while I ghost ride around in my whip.