Woman Attacked at Bar for Wearing Google Glass in “Hate Crime”

 Sarah Slocum, a tech writer and self-described “Glasshead” was at Molotov’s bar on Haight Street in San Francisco this past Friday where she says she was attacked for wearing Google glasses. Slocum claims she was innocently displaying her love for Google Glass, showing it off to interested people, demonstrating the features– others say however she was really shoving it down their throats.  The presence of the Google Glass was making some of the non tech oriented customers uncomfortable, who were worried they were being recorded and the situation inside Molotov’s quickly got explosive. Two women confronted her saying that Google Glass wearers like her were “destroying the city through tech fueled gentrification.”  This sentiment is growing strong in the city. Targeting private buses that drive employees to work, San Fran residents have recently protested Google and other tech companies for causing housing and rent prices to skyrocket.  You see Molotov’s is a “punk” bar and they don’t take kindly to the techies taking over their city.

According to Slocum’s tweets, pretty soon after people asked her to take the glasses off, everyone in the bar was hating on her and eventually someone stole her purse with her wallet and phone inside.  The good thing about wearing Glass is that you CAN record your attackers. She got this clip shortly before a man yanked the Google Glasses off her head.

Slocum got her Google Glass back, but never did recover her purse, wallet and phone for which she has filed a police report. She says “What makes this story special is that no one has experienced a hate crime or been target for a hate crime, which is what it was, for wearing Google Glass.” It may or may not have been a hate crime, but now I can guarantee that people will hate her for saying something so stupid.  

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If there is one reason to hate this woman, it is not because she is choosing to wear $1500 high tech glasses into a dive bar, but that she is ruining the awesome cyberpunk, science fiction future we had all envisioned the year 2014 to be when we were kids.  Instead of the punks being half human, half robot cyborgs, hacking into the giant corporations, the corporations are supplying smug people with computer glasses so they can are annoy punks trying to drink some beers. To top it off these Glassholes call it a hate crime! Wearing Google Glass in public is essentially like taking out your smart phone and pointing it at people while saying “don’t worry, I’m not recording.”

What do you guys think? Are Google Glasses the wave of the future or will they drive a wedge through the heart of our Blade Runner hearts?

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