Woman Attacked at Bar for Wearing Google Glass in “Hate Crime”

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Feb. 26, 2014

 Sarah Slocum, a tech writer and self-described “Glasshead” was at Molotov’s bar on Haight Street in San Francisco this past Friday where she says she was attacked for wearing Google glasses. Slocum claims she was innocently displaying her love for Google Glass, showing it off to interested people, demonstrating the features– others say however she was really shoving it down their throats.  The presence of the Google Glass was making some of the non tech oriented customers uncomfortable, who were worried they were being recorded and the situation inside Molotov’s quickly got explosive. Two women confronted her saying that Google Glass wearers like her were “destroying the city through tech fueled gentrification.”  This sentiment is growing strong in the city. Targeting private buses that drive employees to work, San Fran residents have recently protested Google and other tech companies for causing housing and rent prices to skyrocket.  You see Molotov’s is a “punk” bar and they don’t take kindly to the techies taking over their city.

According to Slocum’s tweets, pretty soon after people asked her to take the glasses off, everyone in the bar was hating on her and eventually someone stole her purse with her wallet and phone inside.  The good thing about wearing Glass is that you CAN record your attackers. She got this clip shortly before a man yanked the Google Glasses off her head.

Slocum got her Google Glass back, but never did recover her purse, wallet and phone for which she has filed a police report. She says “What makes this story special is that no one has experienced a hate crime or been target for a hate crime, which is what it was, for wearing Google Glass.” It may or may not have been a hate crime, but now I can guarantee that people will hate her for saying something so stupid.  

If there is one reason to hate this woman, it is not because she is choosing to wear $1500 high tech glasses into a dive bar, but that she is ruining the awesome cyberpunk, science fiction future we had all envisioned the year 2014 to be when we were kids.  Instead of the punks being half human, half robot cyborgs, hacking into the giant corporations, the corporations are supplying smug people with computer glasses so they can are annoy punks trying to drink some beers. To top it off these Glassholes call it a hate crime! Wearing Google Glass in public is essentially like taking out your smart phone and pointing it at people while saying “don’t worry, I’m not recording.”

What do you guys think? Are Google Glasses the wave of the future or will they drive a wedge through the heart of our Blade Runner hearts?

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coolingtower1024 User

If I am allowed to look at something, I should be allowed to take a picture of it too.  If I visit a high-tech computer wafer manufacturing facility or a military base, I can accept that not taking pictures is the rule.  I think the public (people) already know they may be captured in still shot or video at any time.  Wearing Glass into an unfamiliar establishment and announcing(?) that you are making a video is poking into their lives.  The customers probably don't care if there is a surveillance camera monitoring them.  If she went in there with the intention of broadcasting their lives, then:  #1 being asked to leave is appropriate, #2 being beaten and asked to leave is unfortunate.  #3  purse stolen is not acceptable.  That becomes a crime related to the establishment.

Mr_Tideman User

Things were going great...until this bitch walked in.

djfubar1 User

You can record videos w/ your phone also, so its not that much different w/ Glass, derp...

RiotSt4rt3r UserTop Commenter

The picture alone makes me want to smack those glasses off her derpy face. This is why we can't have things like this, too many stupid people out there who wanna eff up everyone's good time. What the hell was her plan anyway, google glass some dudes at the bar and go home and finger blast herself while she watched the video? Weird b!tch needs to stay indoors.

Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna

take cheap sunglasses. remove lenses. go to bar. get attacked. sue. profit :)

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

Are you putting words in my mouth? You sure are. They're not just "glasses" so don't play that dumb shit. She doesn't need them to see properly. I'd assault you for your ignorance. That's about all

Andre' Rubio
Andre' Rubio

gotta pay alota money to even demo that shit! musta been a buncha bumkins xD

Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson

Hahahahaha look at your display pic before you go labelling people nerds 'mr ninja riding animal while conquering galaxies'

Shay McGuckin
Shay McGuckin

Well they thought she was probably a terminator

Roy-Henderson-381 User

What would a cop do if he thought you were recording him / a public servant, in a public place. Probably bust your Google Glass wearing ass, with a night stick across the face, thus eliminating any evidence, then arrest your bloody Google Glass wearing ass for police harassment.

Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson

People have posted embarrassing and intoxicated photos of me on the internet before. I didnt rob or shit kick them for it. Mind you a bar called moltovs might not the the best place to bring $1500 glasses..

Anthony Franco
Anthony Franco

We don't need that crap ass excuse for technology anyways.

Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson

People that dont understand technology attacking people that do? Sounds like a good ol under educated hate crime to me..

Llnkn0wn UserTop Commenter

So funny how that news guy says OMG.

Phillip Weber
Phillip Weber

No, It's a crime of drunkenness and stupidity. For both parties involved.

Devon Gagnon
Devon Gagnon

Of course it is. People attacked her for wearing glasses. You can tell when someone is recording, and there is no law against it. It just goes to show the mob mentality of so many people.

BlankTitanic UserTop Commenter

Ugly cow. I can't stand how everyone crys hate crime now. Morons. It's insulting to the people who have been seriously tortured or killed for who they are.

mascoma User

they should not be allowed nor should camera phones. They have there place but in a bar is not one of them. People who use the googleglasses are doing so hoping someone will do something so they can post it. Come around me while waring a pair and I'll give you something to post...

Obiwayne66 User

I thought it was against the law to film or photograph people in bars, night clubs.

KbCb2014 User

There's a reason we call it "public". Act like a respectable human being when you're out and about and you don't have to worry about being embarrassed in a recording. Fact of the matter is that you could be getting recorded without knowing it. At least google glass users make it obvious. 

jbart321 User

This is not a hate crime you Liberal moron.

Jack_Burton User

Hey Mrs. Slocum! Are you being served? Ha Ha!

Bech31 User

An establishment could implement a dress code. 

Maybe a suitable rebuff would be for those who oppose incessant recording, to wear masks in public. However, wearing masks can be considered illegal in some circumstances. 

Also, I could see a market for technology that in some way "foils" video recording.

J------ User

A bar is NOT a public place, at least not like a court or libary, you are allowed in a bar by permission of the owner.

Therefore the owner or bar staff should have been the ones to decide on if it was appropriate or intrusive to have these glasses on whilst in the bar.

Personally I love the idea, but like all things it's benefit is based on it's use, this dip sh*t , walks into a punk bar , and thinks OK to walk around showing off ?, stealing her stuff was not OK, but telling her to take them off and not record is totally fair. - 

My five bob's worth.

As always I reserve the right to be wrong.

usgrant User

I thought it was a felony to record (audio) people without their consent.  That is why video security cameras are without audio. 

jimbobbilly12 User

Wow.  I can't believe an entire website is run by the same imbeciles that mobbed an individual for wearing glasses.  I don't care if half her body was made of technology, you don't attack people for expressing their right to free expression.  If you don't like the glasses, then walk away.  They're here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it.  Get over it you backwards, red necked hillbillies. 

Adam-Wood-517 User

Filming in public is more socially acceptable than abusing someone for doing it.  Right to privacy?  You're in a public place, probably with cameras pointed at you the whole time.  Walk out on the street and you'll show up on a dozen more.  Walk the block and... well..  you get it.  I love that people don't want others to record their embarrassing situations...  isn't the solution to avoid the embarrassing situation to begin with?


You're a moron if you think google glass aren't real!!

wonorski User

Bar = public place.  Get used to it.  Supreme Court is on her side.

MetallicaMan81 User

Best pub name ever! And very appropriate for the situation xD

onasphere User

Give it two years, and cameras on glasses will be the size of an eyeglass hinge screw. No one will even know they're being recorded. 

upgrade User

I think people forgot how to be social in a social environment. This is why she's a crazy cat lady.

Billyraymontana User

You are a moron if you think Google Glass is real.

evildog77 User

@Stevehill78 The message will appear in their Google Glass HUD before being promptly deleted.

KCjoker User

@Stevehill78 You're probably the same type of person that buys people magazine and think it's ok for paparazzi to chase and take pictures of celebrities.  If you're in a public place you have no right to privacy.