Woman Assaults Denny’s Waitress After Being Denied All You Can Eat Pancakes

For today in delicious dinner disputes we go to Oak Lawn, Illinois where a woman didn’t like the stipulations being laid down for the “all you can eat” pancakes deal at Denny’s. The most outrageous part of this story is that Denny’s has an all you can eat pancake deal and I haven’t heard about it before.

Who could get mad when this exists in the world?

For a mere $4 the good folks at Denny’s will let you wallow in stacks and stacks of flapjacks. However 27-year-old Natasha West wanted to see how far she could push this bargain and began to share her hotcakes with her friends at the table. That is when the Denny’s waitress told her that was not allowed. Guess she forgot to pass the pancakes under the table like they were some sort of hot buttered contraband.

Natasha West, pushing the boundries of All You Can Eat.

Upon being denied more pancakes for the table, West began to curse and take swings at the waitress. Thankfully she didn’t land any punches, but her and the group left without paying and West even stopped to angrily kick the door a few times. This is what happens when all that syrup and butter goes to your head. It’s the new flakka!  

The staff at the Denny’s called the cops who were able to get a description of the car West was driving. They later pulled her over, brought her back to the Denny’s, not for more pancakes but so that the staff could identify her. One of her friends paid for the meal and West was arrested for assault and damage to property.

Four dollars is a pretty sweet deal for all you can eat. I’m glad to see that prices haven’t gone up that much. As The Fat Boys said in their early 80’s hit rap song “All You Can Eat” – “$3.99 for all you can eat? Well, I’m a stuff my face to a funky beat!”

Pure genius;  

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Source: The Smoking Gun