Texas Woman Arrested On Meth Charges With Gun In Her Vagina

For today I gross places to hide your weapon, we go to Waco, Texas. That is where a traffic stop turned into a drug bust, turned into a lesson on the various orifices one can use to hide a firearm.

Is that a gun in your vagina or are you just happy to see me?

At 11PM Monday Waco PD pulled over a Land Rover and were prompted to search the vehicle being driven by Gabriel Garcia. That’s when they found methamphetamine under his seat. In addition they found 29.5 grams of meth along with digital weighing scales under the passenger seat occupied by Ashley Cecilia Castaneda. To make things worse for the pair of would-be Heisenbergs they were pulled over outside an Elementary school. Thus they will be charged with possession of methamphetamine in a drug-free zone. Whoops!

That is when things really got weird. On the way to the Waco jail, the meth loving lady decided to come clean with the officers, else she get in anymore trouble. Casteneda informed officers that she had concealed a handgun… inside her hoo-ha.

And vagina.

Sure enough when they arrived at the jail a female officer searched Castaneda and found a .22 caliber semi-automatic Smith and Wesson all up in her lady parts. The gun even had a round in the chamber and a full magazine. This brings new meaning to the term love-gun.

That is one fully loaded flesh-purse.

Maybe she should have hid the DRUGS in her vag and the pair of meth heads could have avoided this whole getting arrested business altogether.

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Source: NBCDFW