Justice Or Overreaction? Woman Jailed For Stealing A Police Officer’s French Fry

Getting arrested for theft is no longer a crime for people stealing someone’s car or packages from a neighbor’s door step. Now the crime has lent itself to smaller things like, well, french fries. It’s true, you could be arrested for stealing french fries from someone’s plate. ESPECIALLY if those fries belong to a hungry police officer. To be fair, french fries are awesome and we’d hate to lose even just one of them, especially to some random chick who decided to just take what you paid for.

A D.C. police officer was minding his own business in a fast food restaurant that still has yet to be named when two drunk chicks wandered in and thought they’d have some fun with the guy. They must’ve just seen Bad Moms are some garbage because acting like a fool in public never works out like they do for Mila Kunis.

The ladies sat down with the officer at his table and started to chat him up. And what do you do when you’re stinking drunk and there’s food in front of you, even though it’s not yours? You reach over and take some. So one of the ladies grabbed a french fry off the officer’s plate. She then took a second fry off his plate, which is when her one and only warning came. He told her that if she took another fry, he would have to arrest her for theft because those are HIS fries, dammit! The woman said that she guessed she was going to jail before taking a third fry. Bad move. The officer arrested her on the spot and sent her straight to jail for theft.

No, the officer wasn’t merely teaching her a lesson and eventually let her off the hook. She’s currently facing theft charges now that she’s all sobered up. In the end, those were probably the most expensive french fries she’d ever had.

Frankly, we say good for the officer. If some drunk chick came to our table and started taking OUR french fries, her getting arrested is the LEAST thing anyone could do. Thankfully she was doing it to a police officer who could end her bullshit thanks to the pair of cuffs in his pocket and not just some hard-working dude with nothing to live for beyond that $2 cheeseburger and fry combo.

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