Woman Arrested For Pepper Spraying Farting Husband


Couples can fight about nearly anything. From the kids to the finances, or from the in-laws to flirting with others, nearly any topic can cause friction. One couple though recently got into a serious scrape over what must have been some serious crap.


A woman in Florida was arrested for domestic battery after her husband was pepper sprayed and severely scratched. The cause of her anger? The dude wouldn’t stop farting.


In a world full of Skype and Facetime, we don’t yet have sky-pu or farttime to analyze just how stinky his anal secretions were, but we can only imagine they weren’t too nice. Plus, the last time we checked, “whoever smelt it, dealt it” wasn’t an actual legally acceptable excuse.


Then again, a creative lawyer might have found grounds for her acquittal, though they would likely need character witnesses attesting to the guy’s skunky buttocks.


This certainly isn’t the only time when a fart has caused trouble. A fart flambé can be hysterical or dangerous. Or both.

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That woman in Florida should be forced to see this video before appearing in court, or she could end up on death row if she gets this judge.

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YouTube is loaded with choice examples of malodorous incidents. Funny, gross, dangerous or stinky – whatever works.

The hood can be a dangerous place – especially if your tush starts talking trash.

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It’s not exactly rocket science, yet the stakes are high even if the comedy is low.

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This video has over 17 million hits, which is a lot more hits than this would-be singer ever had. Perhaps she chose the wrong song, or at least ate the wrong food prior.

For young or old, a fart can have serious power.

Ted Talks are a huge video phenomenon, and though this doesn’t quite qualify, the valuable life lessons within should be mandatory for all humans.

We will leave you with some farts that probably don’t smell that bad. How do we know? Well, come on – these guys are just too damn cute to stink.

Source: Mirror