Woman Tries To Kill Husband By Injecting Poop Into His Bloodstream

Meet Peg and Al Bundy. Well, not really. This is more like a deleted scene from a Married With Children episode than real life.

In Arizona, Rose Mary Vogel (66) decided to take the opportunity once nurses had left her husband’s hospital room to inject her husband’s IV with fecal matter. Y’know, her poop. Assuming it was her poop of course, that remains to be seen. Regardless, she took time to put poop in a syringe so she could eventually kill her husband with it. What a classy way to go.

An alarm from the IV machine had gone off and when the nurses returned, they caught Vogel tampering with it That’s when they also noticed a brown liquid in the tubing being placed by the woman. They quickly removed the tube when at that time Vogel tried getting rid of the syringe but the nurses were too quick and stopped her. The even creepier part is Vogel had three more syringes ready to go in her purse. One with poop and two with a liquid substance.

Now if you’re asking yourself if her husband maybe abused her in any way to deserve such a backlash from his wife, you’d be wrong. Vogel told a judge there was simply a rift in their marriage. She went on to say “We both want to get marriage counseling and move forward with our lives. We want to try and pull our relationship back together again, if we both want this.” I mean, you did just try to inject your husband’s blood stream with poop, so, uhhhhhh, yeah. I think it’s if you want to make it work more than anything.

It’s unclear why poop was her weapon of choice, but apparently Vogel used to work as a nurse at the hospital where her husband was staying, so maybe she knew poop would be a less suspect material to find in an IV? Or maybe she’s just nuts and poop seemed the wackiest way to go about killing her husband. Either way, marriage can be super awesome at times.

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source: Tampa Bay news