This Wimbledon Fan Proves All British People Aren’t Classy

Americans like to generally think of the British as a high brow, uptight and classy bunch that can do no wrong. At least that’s the caricature we’ve made them out to be. But this fan who attended a Wimbledon match this week, one of the classiest of sports tournaments, decided to say f*ck the caricature and do something pretty nasty. Fortunately for us, he didn’t realize he was on camera. Unfortunately for the people around him, they had to sit next to this dude for the remainder of the game.

Hope you already had your lunch. God knows this guy didn’t.

It makes you realize people were really brought up differently than others. Maybe this guy’s dad did it and he picked it up. I mean the Depression was a hard time with people not having enough to eat, a memory that might’ve been hard for this guy to shake. Why waste food when your body produces just enough of it!

Just kidding, that guy is f*cking gross.