If Famous Women Had Willem Dafoe’s Mouth: 9 Unsettling Pics

Willem Dafoe has one of the creepiest smiles in movie history. Sure, he’s a great actor but that smile is what always made him stand out amongst the other character actors. And what better way to pay homage to that toothy grin than by seeing what some of Hollywood’s flawless starlets would look like had they been given the same interesting characteristic. It made sense to us at least.

We apologize in advance.

Jennifer Lawrence

It’s the tongue that makes it worse.

Scarlett Johansson

Waiting for the drool to happen.

Emma Watson

Darkman’s sister.

Amy Adams

Don’t walk to your car alone after getting this look from someone.

Emma Stone

Thats definitely an “I just farted” smile.

Kim Kardashian

Maybe we would then see less of her.

Olivia Wilde

Ready to bite into someone’s arm.

Kate Upton

If Upton were cast in an Aphex Twin video.

Kate Beckinsale

True Detective, Season 2.

Mr. Dafoe, you’ve done nothing wrong. Aside from that, make sure to take your nightmare pills, everyone.

Created by @Todd_Spence for Break.com