“Will It Make Phil Gag?!” Break Vote Winning Ingredients!

I have a really bad gag reflex. Ever since I was a kid if I get a whiff or a taste of even something slightly off-putting I have an immediate, involuntary reaction to GAG. That is why we recently asked you to VOTE to see which ingredients should be included in the next episode of the Break original Vine series “Will It Make Phil Gag?!” The top three scoring entrants would be included in the shot. Here were the results!

452 people voted in this election, choosing the path of unity and making me do a shot including the ingredients:

Pickled pig skin (pigs feet juice)





Break Editor Super Delegates Todd and Winston also added two special ingredients to top it off:

Caramel creamer and a touch of whipped cream!

After each episode of “Will It Make Phil Gag” we take these disgusting items and add them to a forbidden shelf just like at the end of “The Conjuring.”  To prove that these items were really included in the shot I downed, here is Todd preparing this foul concoction like some sort of demented Martha Stewart.  

[[contentId: 3035377| | size: 75]]

Thanks Todd! Now here is the moment you have all been waiting for.  Will… It.. Make.. Phil…Gag?!

What should we try on the next episode of Will It Make Phil Gag?

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