Is Will Ferrel Heckling Derek Jeter For 4 Straight Minutes Hilarious Or Insane?

No one probably dislikes the Yankees more than Boston Red Sox fans. And California born Will Ferrell decided to point that out, only Ferrell got a little creepy with it near the end of his heckling.

Ferrell, playing a Boston Red Sox fan complete with a pissah accent begins with a dry chant, leading into more verbal abuse to then begin a slow descent into his true feelings for the Yankees shortstop.

Four minutes with anyone alone can get kinda creepy. Especially this guy.

In actuality, this is the outtake reel from a more star-studded goodbye to Jeter from Funny or Die which you can check out HERE. And I do enjoy seeing Ferrell break character at the end of the rant, which made the closing credits to Anchorman one of the more enjoyable parts. As does any of Ferrell’s comedy.

Regardless, this is a step back in the right direction since the lackluster Anchorman 2 which I’m still in therapy for. Why…oh why was it so subpar!?!

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source: Funny or Die