When The Whole World Is Lego Land: Some Wild Lego Creations

Maybe it was due to the fact that “The Lego Movie” was actually a hundred times more entertaining than any adult expected it be, but there’s no denying that Legos have become hot once again. One company even will make a personalized Lego figure featuring your own face.


You just send in two photos and they’ll bring you to, well if not quite life, something Lego-y.


The list of cool if not odd things people have made out of Legos is seemingly endless. Check out these shoes.


For true fans of art, science, and cool math, there’s nothing that can top this homage to Escher.


There are countless Star Wars related Lego creations, and we’re partial to this one of Han Solo in carbonite.


This one combines Escher with Star Wars in a true homage to nerd nirvana.

star escher

No one liked Jar Jar Binks except possibly George Lucas himself, and this image offers the perfect way to rid your memory of him once and for all.

jar jar

Bruce Wayne himself would likely appreciate this Lego Bat Cave.


Frodo and Samwise would definitely enjoy checking out this Lego Rivendell. Elves sold separately.


If you dig Nintendo as much or more as you do Legos, this old school game station will get you thinking of Super Mario made out of plastic.


Have an extra 1.8 million Legos laying around and need something to do? You could recreate what this person did and build a model of Japan. I guess they didn’t have time to build Godzilla as well so he could smash it. 

japan 1

japan 2

Sure, we all miss “Breaking Bad.” Walter White and Jesse Pinkman may be gone, but they’ll never be forgotten by anyone playing with this lab. Luckily, it doesn’t look like anyone could actually make meth out of Lego though.


In true style, we’ll leave you with what is billed as the world’s biggest Lego tower. Now, go get your Legos and build something of your own so we can sit back and appreciate your creations. 


Source: Mirror