Wife Stabs Husband Because His Bathroom Poo Stank Was So Foul

I have dropped some rank bombs in my day, but never has the stench coming from my posterior been so foul as to make someone commit attempted murder. (As far as I know.) The same can’t be said for a Japanese man whose wife now faces attempted murder charges after she tried to kill him with a knife because his poop stank so bad.  This brings new meaning to the term “cutting one.”

This man’s dooks are deadly!

29 year-old Emi Mamiya of Otaku, Japan allegedly slashed her husband with a kitchen knife leaving a seven inch wound in the left cheek of his face after the man dropped an atomic deuce in the couple’s bathroom. I find it curious she slashed his face cheek and not his butt-cheek which under the circumstances you would think she would want to go after the source of her anger.

Something smells like it crawled inside you and died!

With her nostrils on fire the woman was pushed over the edge when her 34 year-old husband helped their 3-year-old child use the toilet without washing his own hands first. Well that’s understandable then; if he had committed such a crap smelling atrocity in the bathroom, then it would be child endangerment to make the kid sit there, breathing in his stench, hands washed or no.

What do you think? Did she go too far in trying to stab him or are you stick of smelling other people’s poo (or maybe you’re “down with OPP?”)

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Source: HuffPo