Why You Shouldn’t Pick On Costume Characters

A video was posted yesterday of an idiot blind-siding a costumed character dressed as Predator by pushing him from behind, causing him to fall off his platform onto a small child.


Aw c’mon, not Predator. Give him a pass for having a cool costume at least. Authorities were seeking any information viewers may have regarding the attacker’s identity when today the 20 year old from Small Heath, Birmingham (this happened in the UK by the by) handed himself in and was given a “police caution” which will remain on his record. But did he go to jail?? Nope! Police spoke to all parties involved in the assault and neither victim wanted to make an official complaint, which brings us to the main issue. For some reason it’s becoming a trend to attack street performers and with the above case, it’s actually becoming okay to do so. 

Here’s a few reasons why we all should just leave these people alone, despite the idea that you may think it’s just a funny gag without repercussions.

#1: Most of these performers are actually homeless.  They definitely have enough to deal with.



The above image could easily be taken as a joke (I admit that I took it because it is bizarrely interesting), but the fact is he has two luggage cases because everything he owns is inside of them and not because the Death Star blew up.


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Think he’s sitting on a bag filled with $100 bills?  I don’t think so.  Most of these people rely on your tips to literally feed themselves, so just give them a break from your nonsense.

#2: They deal with enough bulls*it from the other street performers.

The Justice League and Avengers only exists in the comics. It’s bad enough having to deal with some brat who wants to post a video of you getting knocked down online, let alone also having to deal with your fellow fed-up street performers 12 hours a day so you can make a few bucks.  Save these people some energy from chasing after you because they have to go through enough with the guy standing next to them.

#3: They have no problem fighting you in return.

People don’t realize that these street performers belong to no union, have no boss and are only hired by themselves.  If they want to fight you, they will absolutely fight you. They have no fear of getting fired from their street performer boss because they ARE their own boss.  Most of these people buy a costume and collect tips on the street because they are frankly too crazy to hold down an actual job so whats to stop them from tearing you a new one?  Answer: Nothing!  In fact, they would probably prefer to beat the hell out of you and go to jail because that will at least guarantee them a place to stay for the night.

In the end, just have some decency. But who am I to be a wet blanket. Have your laughs, kids!  Just don’t be surprised if you mess with someone like this:

– Todd Spence (follow me on the Twitter)