Why You Should Research All Potential Partners

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Sep. 26, 2013

Dating hasn't changed that much over the years. It's still not fun to go on blind dates, it's still nervewracking to start up conversations with random people, and it's difficult to find a person worth going on more than a few dates with. But technology has changed, and to our advantage. Unfortunately, some "rando" guy failed to realize that.

Meet Quin Woodward Pu.

A self-described "memoirist," she recently had a few dates with a guy she refers to as "rando" since he was a random guy at a bar (OMG how clever!) and things went south fast.

But it's the "rando's" fault. Why? We'll get to that in a moment.

Quin and "rando" went on a few dates, but he decided he just wasn't ready for a relationship, so he sent this text:

And here is how she responded:

Holy hell this chick is crazy. 100% insane. Even our good friend Georgie Guinane, who is a female, agrees with me. Quin tries to play it off like it's about being a strong woman in her blog about the situation, but it's not. A crazy woman doesn't equate to being strong. There's absolutely no reason for this response.

Now, not to defend her, but "rando" should have called. If you're going to call a relationship off or reveal you're not looking to make something serious, be a man. Grow a pair, dial the number, and call. This WHOLE thing might have been avoided if "rando" had a sack.

Or if he had done his research like he should have. I read a few paragraphs of her previous writing and realized how far up her own ass she was. We have Facebook and Google. USE THEM. You meet someone at a bar? Great! Now, go home and research them. If "rando" had simply Googled her name, he would have probably thought, "Hmm. This girl seems pretty stuck up and full of herself. Maybe it's not worth my time and effort." Instead, he let his dick or heart or whatever do the thinking instead of his brain.

So, men. Let this be a lesson for you. USE. YOUR. BRAIN. Don't think with anything other than your brain. It's better to be safe than sorry. We hope "rando" can learn something from this. And we also hope Quin learns to not be crazy but judging by her reaction to the whole thing, she won't.

So don't date Quin Woodward Pu. Don't do it.

Even if you haven't had sex in years and she's ready and willing, don't.

Even if she is offering you $1,000 to just give her a kiss, don't.

Even if sleeping with her means your grandma can get that life-saving kidney, don't (what kind of f**ked up situation are you in, anyway?)

Even if a box of kittens, attached to a rope, is placed on the edge of a bridge and the only way you can save them by having sex with her in a bed that is on the other end of that rope and the thrusting will push the bed away from the bridge, therefore, causing the box of kittens to move away from the edge of the bridge, don't.

Even if you two are the last people on Earth and you are the only ones that can repopulate the planet, don't do it. We don't need a society that comes from her DNA.

Quin Woodward Pu is the anti-Nike. Don't do it.

- Mark (all y'all randos follow me on Twitter)


this story is what Break wrote about, in the growing more distant past; there wasn't anything extreme about this story,  for 'modern' dating it is a common occurrence.

PlutosCharm User

I love how this chick thought that 1. having a condo means you're at the pinnacle of success and 2. having published two books means the same (dont get me wrong, if you published those books and THEY ARE WORTH BUYING then cool, but the simple act of having something published isn't so great) 

You can actually get anything published (it's called self publishing or anywhere online) this chick seems extremely lame and full of herself especially considering her shit was only on Amazon -- not because a publishing company has bought rights to her shit

Bufflufkis1979 User

Here her me to


Break it suck donkey dicks

aniwaniwa User

she's mental, chinese women are real mental cases, 

youngrob650 User


Km Cm
Km Cm

drug em, lmao

CoH83 User

The problem with dating is that you can "always" find someone thats "better". People do not spend enough time together to learn to know one and another before moving on.

I have always been saying that trying to find someone in a bar, that you wanna spend the rest of your life with, is a bad start. First of all, you are drunk, he/she is drunk. And you are all trying to be someone/something that your not. New shoes, fancy makeup... what ever...

But hey, what do I know. Am drinking wine right now and hoping to score tonight anyway.

Best regards from Sweden 

z1g User

I thought your commentary on Burger King's new fries was pretty bad, but this is far worse. It is not clever or funny and is extremely judgmental. A guy broke up with a girl via text and she didn't like it. Shocking! Taylor Swift wrote a song about it when it happened to her, where is your wonderful commentary on that?

Tony Richards
Tony Richards

Avoid previous places you been where you made yourself look like an ass! Avoid places you have taken places with other partner with risk of that prvious partner showing up ! Avoid talking about previous partners!!

RobJVM User

I don't get it. I thought what she sent him was spot on and funny as hell. If you're gonna dump a chick via some condescending text message, bend over and grab your ankles. How fucking old are you people anyway? Dealing with your Mom isn't the same thing.

Sani Abubakar
Sani Abubakar

I have no tips for you, sorry just do it no stop.

sspeedracer User

Fuck you break and any POS corporation that advertises on your website. I avoid them all. Oh yeah, fuck you.

Dan Enriquez
Dan Enriquez

Tell bad jokes if she laughs , she's a keeper.

Elisabeth Flinsch
Elisabeth Flinsch

Um, am I the only person who think she isn't crazy? She was obviously like "whatever, you didn't have to apologize. We only dated a bit." And we don't have the full story either! Maybe he said some things that ultimately pissed her off. Just because she is asserting that she isn't a "girl" doesn't make her insane! WTF? Shit like this only perpetuates sexism and excuses to call women crazy for not falling in to perfect definitions of what it is to be a woman.

Silverhart User

Sounded like another typical fool looking to date a typical asian stereo type foolish with emotional issues... What the fuck is the real deal with people and this crappy ass nazi like obsession with those types i see nothing special about one fucking nationality.. seriously are people really this arrogantly and ignorantly naive into believing  this nazi bullshit of they are the master race? If so you people need to just fucking be shot outta the US and make your own retarded useless nation of nazism.. 

Hekeke Perez
Hekeke Perez

I in love with her and I haven't even meet her. Find me boo

Boetsch Frank
Boetsch Frank

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mykylc User

"i have no doubt you'll move on quickly..."  wow...this guy was a just a bit of a prick.

Ace Corpuz
Ace Corpuz

let her pay the bills,,,,,,,lol....

upgrade User

Who gives a shit? Shoot yourself for writing this crap.

Frederik Fau
Frederik Fau

No...No...No...No. But, I like her kisses Tosh. The Sexy "Genital Labia" hey Matador's.~

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

The first problem with "rando" was dating a lady-dude with an ego bigger than his willy.

Carl Hudson
Carl Hudson

Being dumped by text always brings out the crazy.

TheeAthis User

Mark.....sounds to me like this "guy" was you......you know.....the O'l "I have this friend" routine. Just sayin man.

Teknopuls3 User

Am I the only one here that can see how pwnd this guy was?  She just satirized him completely.  Dude def shoulda called.

synweb77 User

Wait!?  That's a chick?

specadmin User

Guy doesn't have the balls to break up in person, sends text, gets a more interesting response, writes this post.

Who's the bitch here?   (hint: not her)

ceprn User

I'd do her.

Rick_S User

She's written two books, about herself.  She's a nobody, and the world as a whole doesn't care about her.  They don't care about me, either, as I'm a nobody, too.  But I don't write "memoirs."  For two reasons. 1) As I'm sure is the case for her, no one outside her circle of friends and family really cares about me.  2) As I'm also sure is the case for her, nothing that exciting has happened in my life that I would share it with the world.

Get a grip on yourself, and realize just how insignificant you, and the rest of us, really are.


@z1g Pretty sure a couple dates isn't worth anything more than a txt... it doesn't seem like they were together long ("collective 20 min together"), and if you cant see how egotistical and bat s*$% crazy this wench is i feel sorry for you.

skillamcvillian User

@Trent Hudyma couldn't agree more. but some times they just need a fluff piece. bring back bigboys.com