Why We’re Changing The Comments System

There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes here at Break HQ, things you only ever see the results of. Arguments over whether we’re going to feature “spicy” girl content, whether we should post more or fewer videos, and even the value of Facebook registrations have all had big impacts on the way you experience Break.com. We’ve never pulled the curtain back to expose you to those issues– you’ve only ever experienced the effects of them. Well, we’re making a change to the way Break.com works today, and since you are the reason for our making this change, we thought it only appropriate that you should know why we are doing it. 

Beginning today, we are changing the default view for the comments. From now until further notice, comments will default to the “Most Popular” view. Comments with the most total upvotes will appear at the top of the stream of comments, and comments with the fewest total upvotes will be pushed to the bottom of the page. The reason we are doing this is because we want to discourage the vile, hateful comments that have become so commonplace on Break.com. This step won’t eliminate them, but it is our hope that it will mitigate them. 
For the past six weeks, we have been having big, existential conversations about Break.com, and almost all of them have been related to the comments on the site. The fact that posting content with black people, brown people, Asians, and women all seem to immediately invite abusive commentary has led us to question whether we should even post that content, which is not a question we should ever ask. We should be posting the best videos and pictures, period. 
“Be funny. Don’t be mean. We may remove comments that cross the line.” We know that all of you have seen that disclaimer that sits just above the comments box. It’s hard to be funny, but many of you are funny on a consistent basis. For the most part, we don’t care whether a comment is politically correct or not as long as it’s funny. What isn’t hard is crossing the line. A handful of you are ruining this experience for everyone by not being funny and just being mean and hateful.
We believe you can do better. We want 2013 to be the year that Break.com’s comment section becomes as robust as it was several years ago, and we’re asking for your help in making that happen. Here’s the first way you can help. Leave great comments, comments that make you laugh and make other people jealous they didn’t come up with those comments first. Don’t be afraid to be edgy, but think twice about typing something dumb, cruel or hateful. The other way you can help is to start actively voting up comments that deserve to be honored and voting down comments that deserve to be punished. 
This afternoon, we’re rolling out these changes to our comment system so get out there, start leaving great comments, and please begin voting up and down other users’ worthwhile and worthless comments. Good hunting! 
– Earnest