Why Was This Christmas Tree Banned? Maybe It Was The Dildos.

ButtHurt by ButtHurt on Dec. 13, 2013

Why Was This Christmas Tree Banned? Maybe It Was The Dildos.



Every year, we're forced to listen to the same tired arguments over whether some town in the middle of bubmblef**k, USA, has the right to put up Christmas decorations on public property. Well in Italy, they're having a similar discussion, only it has less to do with the separation of church and state, and more to do with the fact that some prudes don't want a bunch of hot-pink dildos on display.

And I thought fascism was supposed to be dead in Italy. For shame!

Smut peddler Norma Rossetti put up the "Tree of Pleasure" on a public street in Milan with the hope of not only drawing attention to her adult-oriented business, but also ending the stigma associated with sex toys, which she considers "completely normal everyday objects." And while I also look forward to the day when butt plugs and drain plugs can sit side-by-side on my kitchen table, that day may still be a ways off. City officials ordered the "decorations" taken down so they could not be seen by children. But in all fairness, Italian kids have to learn about g-spots sooner or later, and it's better they learn from a Christmas tree than from Rocco Siffredi.

vegetalinkz User

I don't see how this is any different than displaying certain vegetables at the grocery store.  Many of those are sometimes used in the same way as these adult toys :P.

iduno2much User

bet ya they are all used ornaments

Dysturbedone Skrape
Dysturbedone Skrape

yah...a tree with butt plugs and dildos hanging from it....whats wrong with that? LOL