Why Scientists Say We Just Got Closer To Armageddon

The “Doomsday Clock” is a symbolic clock scientists use to represents how close we are to the end of human civilization as we know it.

What happens if someone “forgets” to wind it?

Well today, scientists had some bad news for us because it turns out we just got closer.



The scientists moved the second hand of the clock to three minutes to “midnight” due to the continued nuclear arms race and climate change.  

Here are 10 other times they have moved the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight AKA Armageddon, since it began in 1947.

1. The Soviet Union Tests Its First Atomic Bomb In 1949

2. The United States And Soviet Union Both Test Nukes Within 9 Months of Each Other In 1953

*This is the closest approach to midnight in the clocks history.

3. The Vietnam War Rages And China & France Get Nukes In 1968

4. India Tests Nukes And US & USSR Update Ballistic Missiles With Multiple Warheads, 1974

5. USSR War In Afghanistan, USA Pulls Out Of Olympics In Protest, 1980

6. Cold War Is Heating Up With Push To Intensify Arms Race, 1981

7. India And Pakistan Test Nukes With Increasing Aggression, 1998

8. US Rejects Arms Control Treaties, Possibility of Nuclear Terrorist Attack, 2002

9. North Korea Tests A Nuclear Weapon, Climate Change Added As Greatest Threat To Humankind, 2006

10. Lack Of Political Action To Address Nuclear Stockpiles And Safety, 2012

Not all hope is lost! in the past the Doomsday Clock has moved away from midnight when we signed arms reduction treaties and the USSR dissolved. Yay!

Now I know what you are all thinking; this subject would make for a kick ass heavy metal song about nuclear war. As luck would have it the guys in Iron Maiden wrote this head banger Two Minutes To Midnight! You will not be able to get this out of your head, singing all day in a high pitched metal voice; two minutes to midnight!

Source: PopSci 

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