Busted! Ronald McDonald Arrested In China Outside McDonald’s Restaurant

Police in Guangzhou, China have arrested Ronald McDonald after multiple warnings that he was breaking the law. He was last seen getting hauled away by police officers in front of stunned onlookers.

In this part of China, it’s against the law to place advertisements on public sidewalks. Officials say they had previously warned the McDonald’s restaurant about the rule violation.

“We’ve asked them to remove the Ronald McDonald statue from the sidewalk several times,” said a Chinese government official, “but they have refused to cooperate.”

The news, however, isn’t all bad for Ronald McDonald. If the Chinese official is to be believed, freedom is just a phone call away.

“If the McDonald’s staff admit their violation and accept the punishment,” said the same government employee, “they can have their statue back.”

In the meantime, Ronald McDonald is suffering somewhere without his oversized red shoes. That’s just sad.


Source: People’s Daily
Photos: Mashable via Weibo