Why Oreo Is About To Make A Buttload of Money

For those of us who love to eat but are not be trusted with fire, there is some exciting, hot news that has been leaked from the world of cookies.

Cookie Monster is actually one of those OCD people who only eats one type of food.

Sadly the Girl Scouts are not selling cookies year round, but this is something almost as good; inside sources have confirmed that Nabisco will be releasing a new flavor of Oreo sometimes this year… the S’Mores Oreo.  It’s an Oreo cookie flavored… like a S’More.

The image below might be considered NSFW if you take into account the arousal it may cause in some of us guys, so continue at your own discretion:


I would double that stuff, if you know what I mean.

Not since Taco Bell introduced a taco with a Dorito flavored shell has a brand so nailed a new product. The Oreo is pre-built to coexist within the flavor structure of a S’more.


Michael C. Souza who says he works for the company that produces Oreos tweeted the packaging. Apparently in the cutthroat world of Cookie Corporate Espionage they don’t bother to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Converting the traditional Oreo cookie chocolate wafer top and bottom to graham cracker flavor and the crème filling to chocolate and marshmallow filling, Nabisco has pretty much invented a new cookie that will have people hooked like a cheap version of  meth sold at the super market.

Lazy people rejoice, you will no longer need to start a camp fire, roast a marshmallow on a stick that you might poke yourself with and burn your fingers squishing a smoldering sticky mess between a half broken graham cracker and some chocolate you dropped in the pine needles.  Now you can cram as many premade S’mores in your mouth as you can muster one sleeve at a time.

Source: Food Beast

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