5 Potential Reasons Why Nic Cage & Vince Neil Got In That Weird Fight On Camera

Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil are no strangers to the sauce but this video published by TMZ shows Cage and Neil having quite the public throw down outside of the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. Fighting aside, the encounter is just so weird to watch, especially since it was literally in front of a crowd of people who have no idea what the hell is going on. And neither did we…until now.

Looking like one of the more dramatic scenes from a Nicolas Cage movie, we see Cage wearing a suit that looks like it was stolen from the Wes Anderson wardrobe department. He begins screaming at somebody, which is Neil’s cue to stumble into the camera frame. Clearly Cage is trying to calm down an already “out of it” Neil…but why?

Here are a few of our guesses as to why Nicolas Cage and Motley Crue’s Vince Neil had that tussle.

1. It’s just really good secret marketing for Captain America: Civil War.

2. A fan wanted their DVD copy of Left Behind signed by Cage, but it was actually the Kirk Cameron version and Neil got upset.

3. Vince Neil had the National Treasure Constitution in his luggage and wouldn’t give it back.

4. Vince Neil told Nicolas Cage he looked like a popsicle in his blue suit.

5. The audience outside of the hotel is the biggest audience either of them have had in 20 years. Might as well put on a show.

TMZ says that “We’re told Nic and Vince were inside when a woman came up to Nic and asked for an autograph. Our sources say Vince allegedly got behind the woman, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. Cops tell us Vince was cited for battery and never taken to the station.”

Either way, we’re just thankful that Nicolas Cage, being the superhero that he is, was there to tell Vince Neil to calm down in true Nic Cage fashion.