Shouldn’t Robert Durst Be In Jail By Now? Here’s Why He’s Not

HBO’s THE JINX, a show in which Durst was interviewed hoping to clear his name once and for all regarding the mysterious death of friend Susan Berman and the disappearance of his wife Cathy Durst, but in fact made him public enemy number one after privately (and accidentally) confessing to many murders on camera thanks to his live lav mic, has long been over for months. But a single question continues to linger: Why the hell isn’t this guy in prison right now?! I mean, the guy said he did it, what more do we need here??

But then Durst fled Texas and was found in New Orleans, as you might remember. Unfortunately, he was arrested under a Federal gun charge (being a fugitive from justice and having a gun is a big no no), despite the whole admitting to a California murder thing. And that Federal gun charge is what’s keeping Durst from facing murder charges in Los Angeles, California for Berman’s death.

But, good news, it’s reportedly looking like Durst will actually plead guilty (a first, really) to those federal gun charges even though he was initially sought after because of the murder warrant issued in California. Which could lead to a plea deal, which would then land Durst in Los Angeles to face the crime of Susan Berman’s death.

Long story short, you have plenty of time to re-watch The Jinx in preparation for a trail that should’ve happened a long time ago.