Why Has No One Ever Noticed The Oscar Has A Penis?

You’ve probably never noticed the Oscar statuette is anatomically correct and we just realized this ourselves.  We’ve seen the image of this gold naked guy award for many years, but how is it that we’ve never noticed one small detail?

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It’s a well-kept secret in Hollywood that is largely hidden from the greater public; The Academy Award Oscar statuette has a penis. Perhaps to not distract from the glitz, glamor and celebration of the evening, most Oscar winners in recent years opt to hold their prizes gripping the middle, or at an angle that does not reveal the Oscar’s “golden trophy” to cameras. However, we did some digging on the Internet and were able to find uncensored images.

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Christopher Plummer receiving an Oscar for Best Actor.  He is delighted by the golden trophy’s glimmering penis.

It’s easy to see how over the years something like that would get lost in the detail of the award itself, but upon looking back, some award winners seem to be questioning the need for a penis at all. 

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We’re no prudes, but how did this get past the Parents Television Council for this long?  Like Italy’s Statue of David, or the breasts of a Lady Justice statue outside the Justice Department, many calls have been made to clothe or obscure the potentially offensive statue. Each year some in the Academy petition for a redesign of the 86-year-old prize to no avail.

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The original statuette was commissioned in 1929 for the first Academy Awards ceremony held in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. An art director for MGM, Cedric Gibbons designed the statuette of a knight standing on a film reel, gripping his sword. You can see the original blue prints for the award here:

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The origins of the statue’s nickname “Oscar” are not clear. Legend has it that upon seeing the award for the first time, a blushing secretary for the Academy remarked that it reminded her of her husband Oscar.  Each January since 1982, R.S Owens & Company of Chicago has cast, molded, polished and buffed every detail of new statues in preparation for the award ceremony.

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The directors of the telecast for the past 86 years must have creatively edited around the statue’s genitals for the live broadcast. 

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What do you think, is this appropriate for the Academy Awards?  We personally think it’s disgusting.

created by @PhilHaney & @Todd_Spence