Chelsea Handler Comes Clean About Why She Keeps Sharing Nude Selfies

Chelsea Handler has no qualms about showing it all on social media. In fact, she frequently strips down to nothing and takes selfies for her legion of followers to enjoy. According to the 41-year-old comedian and talk show host, her nude escapades are all about building her unique brand and giving her fans a laugh in the process.

In a lengthy interview with Fast Company, Handler revealed that her outrageous social media presence is carefully crafted. “Would I do these things if I wasn’t famous? No. If I didn’t have something to promote, I wouldn’t. It’s just something you have to do right now. But once I got the hang of it, it has been fun to interact with fans. As silly as it sounds, it feels good to do it,” she said.

On Tuesday, Handler posted the above picture of herself naked and standing in a bath tub with a bonsai tree strategically covering her crotch region. “Happy birthday to my bear @mariasharapova. Sending love from me and my bonsai. #tokyo,” she wrote in the caption. Earlier this month, she appeared leaning against a window wearing nothing but a thong, with the message, “Trump is a butt hole” painted on her back.

“I think nudity is funny, especially when it’s inappropriate,” she told Fast Company. Handler briefly promised that she would stop posting nude pics during a show at Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Life Conference. “I’m over the naked selfie thing,” she said. “At first it was to make a point and then it was to annoy people, but I’m over it. The boob selfies are done. I’ve been there, done that. People were getting annoyed with me and sometimes I try to listen to people.” Her vow was short-lived.

Handler, who hosted the popular late-night talk show “Chelsea Lately” from 2007 to 2014,  recently inked a deal with Netflix to produce a talk show that will begin streaming on May 11. The new program, which Handler envisions as “a healthy mix of everything that goes on around the world,” will air on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays each week and will run 90 episodes per year. 


Source: Fast Company
Photos: Instagram