Whole Foods Removed Their “Asparagus Water” Because It Was So Stupid

How many times has this happened to you? You get home from a hard day of work and all you want to do is kick back, take off your shoes and enjoy a nice, tall glass of water infused with asparagus. It always takes so much time to make. You’ve got to put the asparagus in the water and let it mix with the water. Then you’ve got to wait for it to cool. And, of course, you have to get used to the horrific taste of water that’s been stewing with asparagus. Well, Whole Foods could have helped you out with their brand of asparagus water but they just took it off the shelves. 


Whole Foods, the grocery store chain that caters to people who think “Portlandia” is a documentary and keep telling you that you need to watch “The Wire,” came under fire from the Internet when someone posted a picture of the bizarre beverage on their Instagram account. The photo went viral and prompted a backlash because Whole Foods had the nerve to charge people $5.99 for a bottle of water that tastes like the urine of someone who just ate a bunch of asparagus. 


Whole Foods pulled the water off of their store shelves and a spokesperson for the company called it “a mistake.” That should have been its brand name. 

This is just the latest bit of trouble for the pricy grocery chain. Following reports that they were being investigated by New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs, the company admitted and apologized  for overcharging customers for pre-packaged items in their stores and the store’s CEOs put the blame on their employees. Let’s hope that the Department of Consumer Affairs “overcharges” them for the fine they’ll have to pay. 


Source: UPI