Who Will Win the George Zimmerman VS DMX Boxing Match?

Since being acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, part time artist George Zimmerman keeps coming up with ideas to keep himself in the press.This time he wants to join the celebrity boxing circuit and rapper DMX has already agreed to go toe to toe with him in the ring.

Celebrity boxing promoter (that’s a thing) Damon Feldman organized the event where 15,000 applicants applied to knock out Mr. Zimmerman who says before the “incident” he trained as a boxer. It wasn’t clear if all 15,000 applicants were celebrities, which would pretty much be ever celebrity ever, wouldn’t it? Out of those that applied Zimmerman picked DMX who told TMZ,

“I am going to beat the living fuck out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up.”

Zimmerman didn’t give any thoughts on how he feels the fight will turn out, he’s more of a shoot first and ask questions later kind of guy. That’s why you might think that DMX has lost his mind up in here, but don’t worry! Proceeds for the boxing match are going to charity. The bigger question is who will actually WIN the fight?

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A lot of people will be rooting for DMX (who is no stranger to legal trouble himself) to give Zimmerman a handy beat down, but I think Zimmerman might… stand his ground. Zimmerman is only 30 years old and DMX is over a decade older, clocking in at 43 years of age. And we all know how it turned out the last time George went up against someone half his age. In boxing! I think he beat the guy, so one would assume if George has the age advantage going the other direction he could win as well. Maybe this whole thing is some sort of therapy for Zimmerman to allow everyone to watch him get punched in the face. They are announcing the time and location of the match up next week. What do you think? Who would you put your money on?

Either way it should be an entertaining spectacle…

“Coming in at 185 pounds, The Watcher of the Neighborhood, the Vindicated Vigilante, The Flummox of Florida, George “Bam Bam” Zimmerman! And in this corner weighing 190 pounds, the Raging Rapper, the Triple Platinum Basher, DM “Real Name Earl Simmons” X!  

Or Ian Karmel has better idea for the fight:


Phil Haney (Twitter: @PhilHaney )