Who Was The Pizza Delivery Guy At The Oscars?

Last night at the Oscars, the attendees ordered out for some pizza in the middle of the cermony, but who was the pizza delivery guy?  Was he an actor, the real thing or just another Jared Leto family member?

Turns out not only is this dude a real pizza delivery guy whose name is Edgar Martirosyan but also the owner/manager of the company as well as the 20 other stores located throughout California.  The store tweeted that their Hollywood location was busy at the time so Edgar delivered the pizzas himself.  Or maybe he knew he was going on the Oscars and thought maybe he better handle it himself and not rely on one of the part-timers (just a guess).

The pizza came from an eatery many of you non-LA citizens haven’t heard of before; Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria – a place that boasts about making the world’s largest pizza called “The Giant Sicilian” at 54 inches.

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Shame they couldn’t come through on that menu item considering how massive the Dolby theater is.  It’s not like Brad Pitt can’t afford it.

Oddly enough, you can view his linkedin account HERE which says “An entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about food and restaurant industry.”

Now if only we knew how much those Oscar folks tipped.