Who Warms Up Hotter? Anastasia, Michelle, Or Snežana?

Any professional trainer will tell you the most important thing you can do before engaging in atheltic activity is warm up. Most of us barely make it to “warm” before moving on to quickly tiring out at our activity of choice and showing just how out of shape we really are. There are people, however, who proceed past warm, right to hot. One of those people is full-time surfer, part-time twerker Anastasia Ashley.

Of course, another person who pushed the needle into the red with her pre-game warm-up was hurdler Michelle Jenneke. Yeah, you remember. Michelle may be the only thing anyone in this country even knows about hurdles. If someone were to edit the Wikipedia entry for hurdles, inserting the phrase “Hurdles were invented to be bounced in front of by Michelle Jeneke,” the internet would simply nod in agreement and allow the change to stand.

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Finally, there was one other athlete whose warm-up game is tops, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t recognize her name or her face. After all, with a name like Snežana Rodic, you can’t be expected to remember where all the extra little squigglies go and what they do to those letters. You’ll recognize this video though– it made the Internet stop and take a breather the day it came out.

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So the question I put to you, the Break brood, is this: which of these athletes warms up better? “Double-A” Anastasia Ashley, Michelle “More Bounce” Jenneke, or Snežana “Gesundheit” Rodic? Leave your answers in the comments. And you know what? Let’s get as wide a sample as possible to determine the winner. Share this with your friends on Facebook and ask them who’s better. Even if they comment on Facebook, it will still show up in the comments, here.

– Earnest (on Twitter @earnestp)