Did You Know Volkswagen Sells More Sausages Than Cars?

volkswagen currywurst in packages


Volkswagen had been ballers in the auto industry for years, however, they did have that whole emission tests cheating thing happen. Luckily, it won’t hurt their food sales.

Say what? Yep, and being in Germany, if a company wants to get into the food biz, it’d seem natural that brats would be a good choice. And VW makes currywurst, which is a spicy sausage.

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And holy crap, the car company sold 7.3 million sausages last year, which beat sales in 2014 by one million! The currywurst even sells better than the company’s cars – which is gotta’ bruise the ego for, you know, a real car company.

oscar meyer weinermobile


You know what else would be awesome? Is some sauce to go with your sausage. Maybe like ketchup.

Well, stop traffic (see what I did there?) because you have to try the Volkswagen spicy ketchup with your currywurst! Ketchup sales also went up in 2015…

a sausage vending machine


The currywurst is sold in their factories and company’s headquarters, but stores also carry them. Betty Crocker’s new line of motorcycles are going to be sold in their company’s headquarters, too.

I totally didn’t know VW sold sausages and I love sausages! Who doesn’t?

hot olivia munn with huge sausages in her mouth


But I think that is exactly why VW sells them: They have been named on some nation’s most hated companies list and currently place #7 in the world’s most hated.

But pass out a few sausages, a little ketchup… They’ll turn this thing around yet.

Source: Independent