Who’s a Dirty Little Liar? (And Other Criminal Wait Staff)

Ian-Fortey by Ian-Fortey on Dec. 06, 2013

In October of this year, a waitress at Red Lobster made headlines for receiving a racial slur in lieu of a tip.  It was a sad story of ignorance.  But the internet leaped to the rescue and she had donations pour in and all was well in the world.  Or so it seemed!  (Dun dun dunnnn!!)

The next month, Dayna Morales, a waitress, was stiffed on a tip because she was a lesbian and received an admonition of her lifestyle instead.  Outrage!  This poor waitress, a veteran no less, being criticized for her sexuality, by some uppity assholes.  Screw them, said the internet!  They donated money to her as well and all was good.  Or so it seemed!  (Do that dun dun dun thing again).

Then it happened that the couple who left the hateful message instead of a tip had evidence that they did leave a tip.  Uh oh.  And then it turns out that the waitress, who was going to donate the extra money to Wounded Warriors, a charity for injured soldiers, didn’t.  Wounded Warriors is saying they’ve received no money at all from the waitress, or even anyone in her Zip code.  She’s a big fatty fat liar who used the internet and their quick draw reaction to injustice for personal gain.  But she’s not the only shady server out there, oh no.  Behold!

The Tip Alterer

In 2011, Judy Michelle Proffitt, a waitress in North Carolina, was arrested after being caught altering tips on customer receipts.  She was found out when one couple actually took the time to compare a credit card statement to their receipt, something probably no one ever does because how often are people saving their dinner receipts and comparing the at the end of the month?  Shannon Renee Vereen did the same thing in June and got caught for credit card forgery as a result from scamming customers at Ultimate California Pizza.

The Assaulter

Cierra Ross, a Denny’s waitress, was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault after see a man walking down the street and offering him a ride.  After he got in, Ross pulled a gun on him and forced him to have sex with her friend in the back seat of the car and then robbed him.  After groping the woman at gunpoint for a short time, he managed to escape pantsless down the street.


The Debaucher

Rachel Gossett, a 25 year old Waffle House waitress, was arrested in a pick up truck outside the Waffle House with a man when the two were completely tanked and having sex.  How drunk do you need to be to bone outside the Waffle House?  Gossett had tried to put a cheeseburger on her foot thinking it was her sandal.  Nothing says classy quite like pick up sex with a burger foot.


The Art Lover

A former waiter from Georgetown stole credit card numbers from customers and did what any waiter with stolen credit card numbers would do – he bought two Picassos.  The waiter took four credit card numbers and managed to charge $46,000 to one of them.  This is impressive for two reason; one being that he actually found someone who had that much credit to spare and two that he thought he could buy a Picasso with it and somehow get away with it.  Way to reach for them stars, kiddo!


The Creeper

A hotel waiter in India who apparently had no customers in his section for a while decided to wander up into the hotel rooms and film a Russia girl while she was sleeping, because that’s the sort of horror-movie opening insane crap that can happen in some hotels in India.  The girl, waking up to discover the creepiest man alive at her bedside, freaked out and some of her friends detained the little weirdo until police arrived.


Jimmy-Buono-157 User

Discriminating against homosexuality is not racism... just saying.

Hippopotomus Kcoctip
Hippopotomus Kcoctip

i'm still not sure that anti gay couple tipped. the customer copy shows a tip. good for them the merchant copy which is the only one that matters, shows no tip and a poorly thought message. it's not hard to dig up a reciept and write in a tip then get online to defend yourself saying look look, i did tip. even though you actually didn't. how many of you fill out both reciepts with the tip? i never fill out the customer copy. just saying

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a great man .a great fighter for freedom .goodbye sir and God bless you....

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Michael Punty

Her backside is SMOKE 'N!!! ..... DAAAMN!!!!

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Would it kill someone to proofread this crap?

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