Which Beer Or Liquor Represents Your State?

Break.com Staff by Break.com Staff on Jul. 04, 2013

There are countless beer and liquor companies, from major corporations to dudes brewing hoppy goodness in their garages (or toilets, I don't judge). Thrillist thought it'd be interesting to see how the United States looks when each state is represented by their biggest or most high-profile beer or liquor produced in each state. Take a look:

A few thoughts:

- How California isn't represented by Pabst Blue Ribbon is beyond me. Its probably because it's corporate offices are in Los Angeles, not the brewery. Still, LA basically lives on it. American Apparel pretty much gives you a six-pack with every $50 you spend (which means if you get a pair of socks, you get two six-packs!)

- Oklahoma, come on. That's embarrassing. Your beer was created to make fun of Texas. And while Texas does suck sometimes, it doesn't suck enough to warrant a beer saying it sucks. Trust me, they know they suck (remember when you lost the ALAMO? Yeah...).

- New Jersey is represented by Jägermeister which seems very appropriate.

- Idaho's beer has a cool dog on its label. I don't care how it tastes, I'll drink that any day.

- Surprised that Mississippi or Alabama isn't represented by a guy from the Moonshiners reality show.

- Which state is the worst: Colorado or Wisconsin?

What do you think? Are you embarrassed or happy about your state?

- Mark (follow me on twitter)

TyH User

How would wisconsin be the worst at all? Its the beer / alcohol capital of the USA

noclss2000 User

wtf is hoppin frog? I've lived in Ohio my whole life and have never heard of it. What about OTR, or Hudepohl?

fredfurner User

No place for any one to make fun of Texas while it is trouncing the rest of the nation in almost everything.  Talk to any Texan and you'll learn why we're so proud.  Shiner and Lone Star are badass.  F the rest.

hTxFan420 User

Congrats on making fun of a state that has the largest export of any state in the nation, one of the lowest unemployment rates, and one of the greatest producers of wind energy. Did I mention we have Austin City Limits and South by South West? You can add Chuck Norris to that.


WRONG! Maine's drink of choice is Allens Coffee Brandy.. THE Official, unofficial Alcohol of the State...

Danny-Ward-434 User

 Shiner all the way! And make fun of a state whose volunteer soldiers totalling around 139 people stood up against 4 thousand to give the Texas Army long enough to train and prepare for the Mexican army, how is that a loss? Sounds more like self sacrifice something you liberals sat break would know nothing about, damned Liberals. You guys are just pissed California is becoming more and more a back water and insignificant why the State you hate the most is becoming the most important.

Dave-Dorris-321 User

I'm happy with Bell's for Michigan.  Quality stuff.

ddaddy53 User

How can Utah be represented by an alcohol? I'm pretty there is no alcohol because of all of the Mormons...

Aggies77 User

I love me some Shiner

andyman4 User

wheres RRRRRaaaaaiinnnnnnnieeeerrrrrrrrrrr............Beeeeeerrrrrrrrrr

ENormuss User

Kentucky should be Maker's Mark, much better bourbon than jb

DoucheVadar User

Jagermeister is for the Staten Island douchebags that invade the Jersey shore and give it a bad rep.  NJ should be Bud Light, as it is the state that drinks it the most, to the point that Budweiser made a special label just for the state for a few years.

Netalius User

NJ has more class than you would think. While the rest of you pat yourself on the backs while clinking swill, a good majority of the people who run this country sit back and laugh at you sipping scotch.

raith985 User

land sharks brewed in florida and has a huge following through out the usa

RiotSt4rt3r User

Great Lakes Brewing Co. for Ohio and Ommegang for NY.

Teir User

mother fcukin' jack daniels


My state is represented by cigars actually.

Charles-Haines-911 User

Greatlakes is far far far more popular and all around better than hoppin frog

skytrainii User

PA's Yuengling is a regional beer throughout the Northeast.  Yet it is the #10 top beers in America this year.  Bud is so threatened by Yuengling that they have answered it with their new brew, Black Crown.  Not bad - but not Yuengling.

g-man1984 User

Beer of the USA is all the same. Shit. Get some European beer down your throat and experience some taste for a change.

motorboat17 User

I've never heard of Hoppin Frog, and I'm from the Cleveland/Akron area. There is no way that Ohio should be anything else but Great Lakes. Everybody in Ohio knows and loves it. Horrible choice there.

megamonster User

@hTxFan420 Yes, but your beer is terrible.  I can understand someone being from Texas. It's they're pride in it that escapes me.

Dave-Dorris-321 User

@ddaddy53 Oh no, there's alcohol ales in Utah.  And some really weird and misguided laws.  Surprise!

DoucheVadar User

And PA being Yuengling is perfect.

Al-Wright-975 User

@Justin-Apodaca-396 AGREED! Nothing like making fun of a bunch men brutally slaughtered trying to defend a fort to establish statehood for one of the greatest states ever! And give me Lone Star over anything anyday in TEXAS

Dave-Dorris-321 User

@g-man1984 You sir, are a faux elitist douche bag.  The best beers in the world are being brewed in these here United States of America.


@g-man1984 God you sound like a tool. I doubt you even had European beer, you just like to sound cool.

synweb77 User

@g-man1984 European beer....  HELL NO!  German Beer.  Maybe, and yes there is a difference.  Best beer I have ever had was Honduran beer.  

urkkish User

@motorboat17 I was thinking the same.  Cincy area here.  I have never seen or heard of Hoppin Frog.  Great Lakes is as popular as Yuengling and Bud-Light down here.  Nobody pays me to drive to Akron to get some Hoppin Frog, I do get paid to drive to Cleveland for some Great Lakes Christmas Ale since no store here ever seems to get but a handful of 6ers.

TenchiMy123 User

@Charles-Houser-789 lol yes.

Although I do love my Shiner, fucking Lone Star gets me every time with their little puzzles under the cap. I'm always rushing to finish my beer so I can open another one and do the puzzle. Fucking ingenious marketing if you ask me.

noclss2000 User

Yes, I'm so freaking glad I don't have to bootleg it back to Ohio anymore.


Brendon-Borkman-642 User

@Kronos_alpha @megamonster @hTxFan420  

Let's go over the "texan" response to what megamonster said.

You questioned his opinion, then rudely questioned his lineage in an insulting manor,  and finally called him a retard.

personally i wouldnt wanna be proud to be from the desert either, but im glad you're there, now we dont have to deal with you.