Which Beer Or Liquor Represents Your State?

There are countless beer and liquor companies, from major corporations to dudes brewing hoppy goodness in their garages (or toilets, I don’t judge). Thrillist thought it’d be interesting to see how the United States looks when each state is represented by their biggest or most high-profile beer or liquor produced in each state. Take a look:

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A few thoughts:

– How California isn’t represented by Pabst Blue Ribbon is beyond me. Its probably because it’s corporate offices are in Los Angeles, not the brewery. Still, LA basically lives on it. American Apparel pretty much gives you a six-pack with every $50 you spend (which means if you get a pair of socks, you get two six-packs!)

– Oklahoma, come on. That’s embarrassing. Your beer was created to make fun of Texas. And while Texas does suck sometimes, it doesn’t suck enough to warrant a beer saying it sucks. Trust me, they know they suck (remember when you lost the ALAMO? Yeah…).

– New Jersey is represented by Jägermeister which seems very appropriate.

– Idaho’s beer has a cool dog on its label. I don’t care how it tastes, I’ll drink that any day.

– Surprised that Mississippi or Alabama isn’t represented by a guy from the Moonshiners reality show.

– Which state is the worst: Colorado or Wisconsin?

What do you think? Are you embarrassed or happy about your state?

– Mark (follow me on twitter)