Where To See Justin’s Girl, Sexy Jessica Biel

 Jessica Biel sexy

In addition to her impressive acting resume, Jessica Biel’s impressive measurements of 36-26-36 proves that she is more than just Mrs. Justin Timberlake.  First known as good girl Mary Camden in the TV series, 7th Heaven,”the good girl became the hot girl after Jessica posed topless for Gear Magazine when she was 17 years old.  Finally liberated from under all of Mary Camden’s sweaters, 7th Heaven ended its run in May 2007 and Jessica was able to show off her hot body freely to the world.  She subsequently was named to various sexiest lists including making multiple appearances on Maxim’s Hot 100 list starting in 2008.  She once told Maxim, “I’m a very big fan of PDA. I’ll do it anywhere. If I see a couple making out in public, I’m always like, ‘Awww. Can I join?’” Really.  She said that.  In 2005, Esquire magazine named Jessica the “Sexiest Woman Alive” and Stuff magazine made Jessica No. 1 on their “100 Sexiest Women” list in 2007.  When asked her thoughts about appearing on these type of lists, Jessica said, “I don’t really care at all about those lists. I don’t even pay attention to them.”  Well, suffice to say Jessica’s fans care and definitely pay attention to her.

The best of Jessica:


Jessica Claire Biel was born on March 3, 1982 in Ely, Minnesota and is of German, French, English, Irish, and Choctaw heritage.  Her parents are Jonathan Biel who worked for General Electric and her mother is Kimberly Conroe.  Jessica also has a brother named Justin who is three years younger.  As a child, Jessica moved around with her family to Texas, Connecticut and Illinois before they finally settled in Boulder, Colorado where she went to Fairview High School.  In addition to playing soccer, Jessica also was a gymnast. As a child, she trained to be a vocalist and by age nine, Jessica was the lead in several musical productions such as Annie, The Sound of Music, and Beauty and the Beast.  In an interview with W magazine, Jessica said she was raised to be tough as a kid.  When it came to playing with Barbies, she said, “I did [play with them], but it was always, ‘Let’s play sex with Barbies!’ My Barbies were usually naked.”

Jessica Biel Backless dress

In 1994 when she was 12 years old, Jessica was discovered and signed by the Judith Fontaine Modeling & Talent Agency while she was at The International Modeling and Talent Association conference in Los Angeles. She started modeling for print ads and acting in commercials.   Also in 1994, Jessica made her acting debut playing a leading role of Regrettal in the musical film, “It’s a Digital World.” Jessica auditioned for several television pilots when she was 14 years old and was eventually cast as the reverend’s daughter, Mary Camden, in the Aaron Spelling’s family drama, “7th Heaven” about a reverend and his big family.  The show made its debut on The WB channel in 1996 and became a big hit.  It aired first on The WB and then later on The CW network for a total of 10 years and is considered the longest-running family drama in TV history. 

Jessica as a teenager

Young Jessica Biel

When “7th Heaven” would go on hiatus, Jessica would work in feature films.  In 1997, for her first feature film role she played Peter Fonda’s granddaughter in the critically acclaimed drama “Ulee’s Gold” and won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film: Supporting Young Actress.  In 1998, Jessica starred as Allie, the love interest in “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  Perhaps tired of the “7th Heaven’s” wholesomeness and wanting to change her image, in 1999 when Jessica was 17 years old, she posed topless in the March 2000 issue of Gear magazine.  The producers of 7th Heaven were upset since it violated her contract and sued Gear. 

Now why would the 7th Heaven producers have a problem with this?!


Jessica Biel cover of Gear

Jessica Biel Gear spread

From 2000 to 2002, Jessica went to Tufts University but eventually dropped out to pursue a film career full time.  She appeared as the love interest in the baseball-themed film Summer Catch (2001) and as a promiscuous college student in the film adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel, The Rules of Attraction (2002).   When asked whether it was tough to fight the typecast of sexy girl in skimpy costumes roles, Jessica said, “I think every woman has to battle that. It’s just always has been that way and every woman who’s in this business has to work against that. I think it’s just part of being a woman.” A versatile actress, Jessica has worked in a variety of genres from action adventure to fantasy, horror, comedy and indie films.  Her other movies include the lead in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Blade: Trinity (2004) and Stealth (2005), The Illusionist (2006) and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007). 

Jessica in Blade: Trinity

Jessica Biel in Trinity

In 2008, Jessica did a period piece, Easy Virtue, an adaptation of a Noël Coward play in which she co-starred with Kristin Scott Thomas and Colin Firth.  She was critically praised for her performance as a young widow in the 1920s who impulsively marries a man and must face her disapproving in-laws.  Going back to her musical roots, Jessica sang two songs, “Mad About the Boy” and “When the Going Gets Tough” for the film’s soundtrack.  Jessica has also performed in musical theater.  In 2009, Jessica played Sarah Brown in the musical, Guys and Dolls with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and she did a two-week-long workshop of the musical version of the Pedro Almodóvar film, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown at Lincoln Center Theater.  Jessica’s other feature film credits include The A-Team (2010), Valentine’s Day (2010), New Year’s Eve (2011) and a remake of Total Recall (2012).

The two hot chicks of Total Recall:  Jessica and Kate Beckinsale:

Jessica Biel and Kate Bekinsale Total Recall

In the Total Recall reboot, Jessica plays a prostitute and freedom fighter named Melina who engages in several fight scenes with Kate Beckinsale’s character.  Jessica commented that doing fight scenes with Kate was slightly awkward, “Our fight scene isn’t overtly sexy.  It could be two dudes, but we just happened to have long hair and boobs and … other things.”  In 2012, Jessica played actress Vera Miles in Hitchcock based on Stephen Rebello’s book about Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho and also co-starred in the romantic comedy, Playing for Keeps with Gerard Butler.  Jessica starred in the thriller, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013.  For Nailed, (2014) in which Jessica plays a waitress who gets a nail gets accidentally lodged in her head and turns into a nymphomaniac, she got to pick out her own body double for the nude scenes.  She said, “That was bizarre, that was very bizarre. It’s very hard to be a woman and sort of be looking at women kind of like they’re just objects. It was weird. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever done.”  Jessica co-stars with Jake Gyllenhaal in the film which is a political satire that centers around the woman’s fight for better health care after her nail accident.   



Jessica Biel bikini

Aside from the Gear issue, Jessica didn’t appear nude or even semi-nude again until later in her career.  Perhaps she was too traumatized from the Gear experience.  She told Entertainment Weekly, that the Gear photoshoot “was just a really bad decision on my part and I got myself involved with people who weren’t thinking about me and were instead thinking about what kind of a story they could get out of it.”  However, the pictures definitely cast Jessica in a different light from her Mary Camden persona and may have helped producers see Jessica as a sexy leading lady.  Jessica says that ultimately the Gear photoshoot was a life lesson, “I learned a whole lot from the experience, so it was definitely a blessing in disguise.”  It was definitely a career changer.  Although Jessica has looked sexy and worn skimpy outfits in several of her films, she had a no nudity clause in her contracts.  In 2005’s “London” an indie film about a guy trying to win his girlfriend back, Jessica played the girlfriend and in the sex scenes, there are breasts and butt shots.  Unfortunately, they belonged to a body double and not Jessica. 


Jessica didn’t get naked until 2009 in the straight-to-DVD film, Powder Blue in which she plays a stripper trying to earn money to help her terminally ill son.  The film co-starred with Patrick Swayze, Ray Liotta and Forest Whitaker who also produced the movie.  In the film, Jessica takes off her top and drips hot candle wax all over her bare breasts.  She shows her breasts and behind later in a couple of sex scenes.   About her decision to do nudity, Jessica said, “You change and you grow up and one moment it’s right and another moment it’s not right. I just take it project by project. It’s all about what makes sense for the character and what makes sense for me.” However, the movie was a big flop and in 2011, Jessica said, “It was brutal” to see her naked body all over internet due to the film’s nude scenes.  She added that the film’s poor box office is “unfortunate,” because “There was so much more that we put into it.”  However, despite the embarrassment, Jessica said it doesn’t mean she won’t ever do nudity again.  “I wasn’t so scarred by that experience that I’d never do it again,” she said. “If a director I trusted came to me with an amazing opportunity and it felt organic, I would do it.”  Some director better get on that right away.