This Website Is Dedicated To Letting You Know Where Models Are Partying 24/7

Apparently it’s getting tougher and tougher to be a creep on social media when it comes online stalking because now there’s a website dedicated to letting you know where models (and really just hot girls in general) are partying as a constant feed 24/7. In a weird way, it’s how Batman probably feels when watching all of his monitors in the Bat Cave of Gotham City. Only instead of villains, it’s hot chicks, and instead of the Bat Cave, it’s your DC toy decorated bedroom.

The website is called Where Models Party, which already gives you an idea how straight forward the site is to navigate. Looking something like a CNN news scroll, the site is linked to the Instagram accounts of many very attractive women who are posting their photos and locations, especially clubs and bars. That’s right, you won’t see any grocery store pics here, thank God. The site also has a Twitter feed showcasing hot models tweets revealing the same location information. In some ways it’s kind of fascinating.

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Luckily, some of the images and info aren’t feeding the exact moment they’re posted from the original source because most people that would really use this site are probably maniacs. But it does give you some idea where these hot ladies are partying in general in case you feel the need to meet some in person.

Not to shatter your dreams, but the site is only dedicated to models that live in Los Angeles, which I know is a real bummer for some of you hoping to snag a wife locally, but the site will apparently soon expand to Vegas and Miami.

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source: Elite Daily