Where Are They Now? Best Cry Ever And More...

Earnest-Pettie by Earnest-Pettie on May. 11, 2013


Antoine Dodson is the star of one of the most memorable viral videos of all time, “Bed Intruder.” His catchphrase laden interview with the news about a rapist on the loose took the world by storm, spawning its own ecosystem of viral video remixes and mashups.

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Where Is He Now? Probably standing on a street corner somewhere, yelling at people about the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Dodson was one of the first to expand his online popularity into mainstream media exposure. He appeared on what seemed like a million TV shows (and in a Break Original), and licensed his name to many products including a sex offender tracker smartphone app. Last week, Antoine Dodson announced on Facebook that he had become a Black Hebrew Israelite and was “no longer into homosexuality.”

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