Where Are They Now? Best Cry Ever And More…

This man’s name is Rocky Lockridge, and he was the star of this viral classic, The Best Cry Ever. He was a Super Featherweight Champion known for handing Roger Mayweather (of the famous clan of boxing Mayweathers, including Floyd) his first defeat with a first round knockout. The Best Cry Ever came from an episode of A&E’s Intervention, in which Rocky Lockridge’s family helped him try to kick the drug habit he’d had for decades.

Where Is He Now? Hanging out in front of convenience stores handing out knuckle sandwiches to those in need.

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Rocky Lockridge made the Break homepage May 11th with this amazing one punch KO. The last time he was big was for kicking drugs, and this time it’s for punching punks. A guy taunts the former champ and proceeds to step to him only to get treated like Roger Mayweather, knocked out in no time flat. If you listen closely, it sounds like one of the bully’s cronies even mentions “Best Cry Ever.”

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Antoine Dodson is the star of one of the most memorable viral videos of all time, “Bed Intruder.” His catchphrase laden interview with the news about a rapist on the loose took the world by storm, spawning its own ecosystem of viral video remixes and mashups.

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Where Is He Now? Probably standing on a street corner somewhere, yelling at people about the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Dodson was one of the first to expand his online popularity into mainstream media exposure. He appeared on what seemed like a million TV shows (and in a Break Original), and licensed his name to many products including a sex offender tracker smartphone app. Last week, Antoine Dodson announced on Facebook that he had become a Black Hebrew Israelite and was “no longer into homosexuality.”

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Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan took the world by storm in Fall 2010 with his appearance in the New York City gubernatorial debate. He represented the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, and he was focused on one thing. Lowering rents. Everyone else was focused on one other thing. That crazy moustache. 

Where Is He Now? Back on the campaign trail!

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A lot has changed since 2010, but the one thing that hasn’t is that rents remain way too high. As a result, Jimmy McMillan is back in the game, running for mayor of New York, again, determined to do something about rent. In the interim, he managed to wrangle a gig on TruTV’s show “World’s Dumbest.” I’d make the obvious joke about him or his platform qualifying for “World’s Dumbest,” but this guy took a comical appearance in a political arena and turned it into a steady paycheck.

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Chris Crocker

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In 2007, Britney Spears was going through a major breakdown, and Chris Crocker was the person most affected by it. Chris Crocker turned on his webcam and begged the world to “Leave Britney alone.” His plea was remixed, mashed up, and even parodied in TV and movies. Everyone heard his wishes, but no one complied. We continued to mess with Britney.

Where Is He Now? Shopping for men’s clothes.

It’s been a long stretch for Chris Crocker, whose major meme status resulted in a documentary being made about his internet rise to fame. That movie aired on HBO last year. Another movie starring Cocker, a gay porn, was announced late last year. That one probably won’t air on HBO. One big change in his life is that he has dropped the feminine aspects of his image in favor of fitting into society better.


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