What’s Your Song Of The Summer

Every year, there’s one song that dominates the planet for the summer months. Artists fight for this position because it means their song will be played over and over (and over and etc.) until summer is finally over and everyone hates it. Here are some summer songs that I remember pretty well. Let us know in the comments which summer song you really liked or really hated and why. We can use your responses to compile a Break Audience playlist for us all to enjoy (or hate).


Skee-Lo: “I Wish” (1995)

This was the first piece of music I purchased. Ever. I’m not proud of it, but the past is the past and I must live with it. I bought the cassette tape and blasted it in a neighbor’s garage. Why a neighbor’s garage? Because that neighbor lived close to a girl I really liked, and I was hoping she’d hear me pumping sweet, popular tunes and find me cool. True story. Did it work? Well, a man doens’t kiss and tell (especially when that little, fat bastard didn’t get to kiss the girl because she didn’t know who Skee-Lo was).


Sugar Ray: “Fly” (1997)

You couldn’t escape this song. It was everywhere. I purchased this album and all I could think about was how drastically different the rest of the album was. “Fly” was the only song that wasn’t hard alternative. And since “Fly” was such a success, the band sold out harder than possibly any band ever and just kept trying to make radio-friendly hits. And now they’re probably playing a breakfast buffet at a casino near you.


Len: “Steal My Sunshine” (1999)

The main thing I remember from this album is how I hated everything but this song and thought to myself, “Boy, it’d be nice to have the ability to purchase only one song from an album.”


Vertical Horizon: “Everything You Want” (2000)

I used to listen to this song over and over on my compact disc player, standing in my above ground pool (seriously), and dreaming about this girl at school I was desperately in love with. Needless to say, I wasn’t a winner. However, the pool’s intake pump certainly was nice.


Gnarls Barkley: “Crazy” (2006)

Don’t let anyone ever tell you history does not repeat itself. I was in college and wanted to appear cool and hip, so I purchased this CD (I think I’m the reason CDs are still around) and played it loud so everyone in the dorm could hear how cool and hip I was. It turned out to be a fun soundtrack for everyone else while they were hooking up. I took solace in my newly-found DJ position and meal card.


Daft Punk: “Get Lucky” (2013)

Currently the song of the summer, Daft Punk have brought disco back. I find that people either really like this song or really hate it. I remember when the 15-second SNL video came out in early 2013, I played it so many times because it was just so damn catchy. Some may argue that Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is the real song of 2013 but I think they’re wrong because that opinion doesn’t go along with mine.

So what about you? Give us a summer song that you loved, hated, or listened to over and over.

– Mark (twitter me)