What Your Insane Piercing Says About You

Body modification is as old as mankind but the ways we do it can get pretty unique.  If people are doing it to express their individuality, what exactly are they saying about themselves? 

1. Achilles Tendon Piercing

What it says:  "I can't run!"

2. Surface Hand Piercings

What it says:  "I love Wolverine but I cannot wipe myself"

3. Leg Corsetting

What it says: "I'm fun and flirty and will bite you.  Hard."

4. Permanent Glasses

What it Says: "I'm pragmatic. Also mildly insane and nearsighted."

5. Teeth Piercings

What it Says:  "I hate my dentist and he hates me."

6. Back Hooks

What it Says: "I enjoy being hung from the ceiling.  Never complain to me if you have a splinter."

7. Finger Piercings

What it Says: "I only did this because I've never heard of anyone else doing this."

8. Decorative Surface Back Piericing

What it Says:  "I didn't want to buy a new shirt for this party."

9. Uvula Piercing

What it Says: "I will never know if I really have to hock a loogie ever again."

10. Cleavage Corsetting

What it Says: "I like to make boys wince before they hit on me."

11. Skull Piercings

What it Says: "Yes, those go right into the bone, yes it's OK to cry."