What We All Need Now Is This ‘Rocky’ Spinoff/Reboot

In not-the-worst-news-considering-Sylvester-Stallone-will-piss-on-any-beloved-franchise-to-turn-a-dime, MGM has announced their moving forward with the Rocky spinoff/reboot, Creed. Based on a pitch from Fruitvale Station writer and director Ryan Coogler, Creed follows Apollo Creed’s grandson who decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by pursuing a boxing career despite his considerable wealth. He turns to Rocky Balboa to be his trainer. Michael B. Jordan is in talks to play the lead.

This actually sounds fresh. It’s an inventive way of breathing new life into a beloved franchise and may be the perfect project to launch the on-the-rise Jordan into superstardom. I say if this works out, we get a film centering on Paulie’s bastard son (played by Artie Lange) as he tries to break into the world of professional mooching off celebrities. Guaranteed box office gold! (Deadline)

Originally posted on ScreenJunkies.com.