What Men In The Catcall Video Were Really Thinking

Recently, a woman walked around New York City for 10 hours and filmed every catcall she received. A hidden video camera was placed in the backpack of a man walking in front of her, catching every catcall, whistle, and a persistent character – from ‘people of all backgrounds’ (though there wasn’t really a single white guy in the video, was there). The video came to an astute conclusion: all men are douchebags (except for the white guys that didn’t make it into the final version of the two-minute video).

Some say the video was an accurate assessment of what it’s like to be a woman walking the streets of New York.  – others say it was kind of racist because there wasn’t any white guys – despite the disclaimer that it included ‘people of all backgrounds.’ Others, still, say the Daily Show did a very similar video a few weeks before.

What the video didn’t show was how truly insecure these catcallers actually are deep down. So, I  decided to translate what was actually going through these catcallers’ minds – who were people from of all backgrounds (except white guys) – as they were catcalling.  Real men have game but they don’t need to act like a douche to some girl just walking down the street, so here is what they are really saying.

Watch the full video:

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